Our Events

IPN Retreat

The annual IPN Retreat is a two-day neuroscientific meeting that gathers more than 400 university students, researchers and professionals from across the city. The objectives of our Retreat are to promote knowledge sharing, enhance learning, and cultivate a sense of community. 

Bernice Grafstein Lecture in Neuroscience

This lecture celebrates Dr. Bernice Grafstein's pioneering work and contributions to the field of neuroscience. Each year's lecture features a special keynote speaker who talks about their cutting-edge research and work.

IPN Open House Week

The IPN Open House Week welcomes applicants and prospective students, from across the country and abroad, to explore its graduate programs and the interdisciplinary research being done. Our open houses include faculty meet and greets, as well as Q&A info sessions with the IPN staff!

IPN Orientation

The IPN Orientation event welcomes its new incoming students by introducing them to the program basics, the various academic and well-being resources available to them, student groups, and their peers. 


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