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New insight into aging - Plasticity is enhanced but dysregulated in the aging brain
19 September (Neuro News)

10 little things that could be making your memory worse (Sherif Karama)
18 September (This is Insider)

In conversation with Dr. Angela Genge, ALS researcher
13 September (McGill Reporter)

The link between brain and obesity (PostDoc Uku Vainik)
12 September (CTVnews video)

Milner Symposium celebrates extraordinary life, career
11 September (McGill Reporter)

Preterm birth: The “Nodal” gene under the microscope (Daniel Dufort)
5 September (Med e-News)

Pot and the teen brain: Risks are real, experts say (Howard Margolese)
1 September (Montreal Gazette)

Dr. Gustavo Turecki appointed Chief of Psychiatry at Montréal West Island IUHSSC and Scientific Director of the Douglas Mental Health University Institute
31 August (Med e-News)

Neuro XXceptional spotlight on Brenda Milner
30 August (What's New @McGill)

Putting a fun spin on science with BrainReach
29 August (McGill Alumni)

The link between obesity, the brain, and genetics
28 August (Neuro News)

Introducing open science to MEG
23 August (Med e-News)

Penfield, the mapmaker of the brain
22 August (Cerveau et Psycho)

The government of Quebec grants $500,000 to McGill University and RI-MUHC to support two collaborative projects (Gabriella Gobbi)
16 August (Med e-News)

Autism and DDT: What one million pregnancies can — and can’t — reveal (Jonathan Chevrier)
16 August (Nature)

Nordic nations, North Americans and Antipodeans rank top in navigation skills (Véronique Bohbot)
14 August (Med e-News)

Creating a new digital industry
3 August (Med e-News)



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Announcing the Zurich ZNZ Travel Fellowship

The Zurich Neuroscience Travel Fellowship (valued to a maximum CHF 6’000) provides support for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from Brain@McGill or Oxford Neuroscience to travel to Zurich in order to undertake neuroscientific research to advance their scientific expertise.  Application Details

Apply for the Zavalkoff Award (for McGill postdocs / graduate students to travel to Tel Aviv University):

Read more about the Zavalkoff Award  (Open Call)

Congratulations to our 2018 Brain@McGill Undergraduate Essay Competition Winners!

First prize: Sonia Israel
Sex differences in cognitive development following adolescent amphetamine exposure

Second prize: Emily Snook
Maternal Immune Activation as a Risk Factor for Neurodevelopmental Disorder: Phenotyping Mouse Offspring

Third prize (tied): Nensi Alivodej
Mitochondria-ER contact sites in astrocytes: a 3D ultrastructural analysis and quantification using Focus Ion Beam-Scanning Electron Microscopy

Third prize (tied): Andrea Terceros
The Role of Breathless in Hard-Wired Neural Circuit Formation

Read the winning essays here

Congratulations to our 2018 Brain@McGill Best PhD Thesis in Neuroscience Winner!

Gian-Luca McLelland, PhD, is the recipient for the 2018 Best PhD Thesis in Neuroscience, for his thesis Parkinson’s disease genes orchestrate mechanisms of mitochondrial quality control.

Read more

We are pleased to announce the results of the selected applications for the latest call for Tripartite (Oxford–Brain@McGill–ZNZ) projects:

McGill PI:  Naguib Mechawar
ZNZ PI: Chris Pryce
Title: Chronic stress, myelination, and neuroinflammation
Type: Workshop

Oxford PI: Adam Packer
McGill PI: Arjun Krishnaswamy
Title: All-optical neural circuit interrogation in the retina
Type: Pilot Project

ZNZ PI: Christain Ruff
McGill PI: Lesley Fellows
Title: Causal role of arousal systems for decision making
Type: Pilot Project

HBHL Launches the HBHL Neuro-Innovation Fund

HBHL’s Neuro-Innovation Fund aims to close the gap between proof-of-concept research grants, and funding from traditional investors (angels, venture capitalist, institutional investors).

Click here for detailed guidelines and the application package.

The Oxford - Brain @McGill - ZNZ Partnership in the Neurosciences

Training opportunities for McGill students/postdoctoral fellows to visit ZNZ

Funding to support students travelling to McGill from ZNZ or Oxford:

Laszlo and Etelka Kollar Brain@McGill Graduate/Postdoctoral Travel Award
(Open Call)