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McGill University and GPU.one join forces in push for neuroscience breakthroughs
15 June (Med e-News)

June is ALS Month
14 June (Med e-News)

June is Stroke Awareness Month
14 June (Neuro News)

AIDS and aging focus of research study
13 June (Med e-News)

Is the multi-tasking brain a myth? (Sylvain Baillet)
13 June (Journal de Montréal)

Montreal neurologist says doctors must be better about early detection of ALS (Angela Genge)
12 June (Montreal Gazette)

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month
7 June (Med e-News)

Obituary: Peter Milner, McGill Professor Emeritus
5 June (Montreal Gazette)

Pain-induced changes in the brain’s opioid system may explain the limited effectiveness of opioid therapy in chronic pain
31 May (Med e-News)

$1M donation to support autism research powered by open science
31 May (McGill Reporter)

Montreal teen (Maya Mikutra) determined to find answers to Alzheimer's
30 May (Montreal Gazette)

Saccade Analytics first place winner in McGill CLIC and Hakim Family Prize Event (Henrietta Galiana)
25 May (Med e-News)

As harmful as dehydration? (Charles Bourque)
23 May (Med e-News)

New in the Neuro XXceptional Video Series – Jessica Dumoulin, ICU Nurse
18 May (YouTube Video)

Montreal and Quebec honour Brenda Milner
15 May (McGill Reporter)

Neuroscience shows listening to music has kind of the same effect as meditation (Valorie Salimpoor)
12 May (Quartzy)

A Call To Arms To Protect Veterans' Mental Health (Rob Whitley)
12 May (Huffington Post)

Developing the first effective drug for progressive MS (Douglas Arnold)
10 May (Med e-News)

Living with MS – A patient’s story
9 May (Med e-News)

Dr. Claudio Cuello elected as Fellow of the British Academy of Medical Sciences
10 May (McGill Reporter)

The effect of night shifts: gene expression fails to adapt to new sleep patterns (Diane Boivin)
8 May (Med e-News)

A new molecular target identified in depression (Bruno Giros)
7 May (Med e-News)

Preserving your brain might kill you, but it could help you live forever (Michael Hendricks)
7 May (CBC Quirks & Quarks)

Five Common Factors That Foster Recovery From Mental Illness (Rob Whitley)
7  May (Psychology Today blog)

Exercise to change the brain (Marc Roig)
3 May (McGill Reporter)

Early HIV treatment key to avoiding brain atrophy
3 May (Neuro News)



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The Oxford - Brain @McGill - ZNZ Partnership in the Neurosciences

Training opportunities for McGill students/postdoctoral fellows to visit ZNZ

Funding to support students travelling to McGill from ZNZ or Oxford:

Laszlo and Etelka Kollar Brain@McGill Graduate/Postdoctoral Travel Award
(Open Call)

Apply for the Zavalkoff Award (for McGill postdocs / graduate students to travel to Tel Aviv University):

Read more about the Zavalkoff Award  (Open Call)

Renewal of the Tripartite Partnership Agreement

McGill, Oxford and ZNZ renewed their tripartite partnership agreement at a ceremony at McGill on May 29th, 2017.  Read More.

New Call for pilot projects and joint workshops within the Oxford–Brain@McGill–ZNZ Partnership in the Neurosciences:

* Application Deadline: 1st June 2018 *

More information here

The Brain@McGill 2018 Prize for Neuroscience Undergraduate Research

Deadline: June 1st, 2018 (no extensions)

The award recognizes the most outstanding neuroscience essay by an undergraduate student at McGill on research completed by him/her on campus, or an affiliated center, as part of a credited research course.  More information

HBHL Launches the HBHL Neuro-Innovation Fund

HBHL’s Neuro-Innovation Fund aims to close the gap between proof-of-concept research grants, and funding from traditional investors (angels, venture capitalist, institutional investors).

Click here for detailed guidelines and the application package.

Congratulations to our new Kollar Award Recipients!

Sarah Hirsiger and Sana Suri are the new recipients of the Laszlo and Etelka Kollar Brain@McGill Graduate/ Postdoctoral Research Travel Award  Read More

We are pleased to announce the results of the selected applications for the latest call for Tripartite (Oxford–Brain@McGill–ZNZ) projects:

Oxford PI:  David Bennett
McGill PI: Reza Sharif
Title: The use of human pluripotent stem cell-derived nociceptors to identify the high-threshold mechanosensitive ion channel
Type: Pilot Project

ZNZ PIs: Susanne Walitza/Edna Grunblatt/Anna Werling
McGill PI:  Gustavo Turecki
Title: Epigenetics and ADHD: Family-based and case-control association studies of the dopamine and serotonin transporter gene
Type:  Pilot Project

ZNZ PIs: Fritjof Helmchen/Abhishek Banerjee
McGill PI: Jesper Sjostrom
Title: Dissecting functional Meso- and Microcircuits for Reversal Learning in Mouse Neocortex
Type: Pilot Project

Oxford PI: David Dupret
ZNZ PI: Benjamin Grewe
McGill PI: Adrien Peyrache
Title: Imaging long-term hippocampal dynamics of a memory trace
Type: Pilot Project

Oxford PIs:  Holly Bridge/Betina Ip/Charlotte Stagg
McGill PIs: Robert Hess/Kathy Mullen
Title: Multimodal investigation into neural markers of visual plasticity in amblyopia
Type: Pilot Project

Announcing the Zurich ZNZ Travel Fellowship

The Zurich Neuroscience Travel Fellowship (valued to a maximum CHF 6’000) provides support for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from Brain@McGill or Oxford Neuroscience to travel to Zurich in order to undertake neuroscientific research to advance their scientific expertise.  Application Details