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A research team led by Keith Murai at the RI-MUHC has demonstrated that astrocytes can be adjusted by neurons in response to injury and disease, showing that the brain has a greater ability to adapt to change than previously believed.
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Want to rewire a neuron? You’ve got to take it slow. A new technique offers potential to reconnect neurons of people with central nervous system damage.  Read More

Dr A. Claudio Cuello, former Chair of Brain@McGill, receives RAICES Award from Dr. Lino Baraňao, the Argentine Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation. This prestigious award recognizes Argentinian scientists who live abroad and have helped strengthen Argentina's networking, scientific & technological capabilities.

Julia Yu, 1st Place in the 2015 Brain@McGill Prize for Neuroscience Undergraduate Research.
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McGill gets $91.5 million in CIHR funding
Congratulations to our neuroscience researchers: Srividya Iyer, Howard Chertkow, Kathleen Cullen, Alain Dagher, Jean Gotman, Michael Petrides, Guy Rouleau, Edward Ruthazer, Robert Zatorre.  Read more >

The neuroscience-related projects of Kathleen Cullen, Michael Meaney, Alain Ptito, Amir Shmuel and Marcelo Wanderley (from left to right) are amongst those chosen by the CFI providing over $100 M in research support to McGill. Read more >

Brain cancer patients may live longer thanks to a new cancer-detection method developed by Dr. Kevin Petrecca at The Neuro and Dr. Frederic Leblond at Polytechnique Montréal.

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Professor Michael Meaney has been selected as the 2014 Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize Laureate in recognition of his cutting edge research on how childhood experiences affect brain development.

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Three Brain Reads by McGill Professors:

Suspicious Minds by Joel and Ian Gold
The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons by Sam Kean
The Organized Mind by Daniel Levitin

Dr. Judes Poirier and a promising new approach to Alzheimer's

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Dr. Brenda Milner awarded prestigious Kavli Prize in Neuroscience on
29 May 2014

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Wolf Prize awarded to Israeli-Canadian Nahum Sonenberg: Israeli award considered precursor to Nobel Prize.

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Brain @McGill showcases the vast amount of neuroscience knowledge within the McGill University network.  It brings together hundreds of very bright people, world-leading projects and the wisdom of almost a century of pioneering study in the neurosciences. Today’s neuroscience research demands interdisciplinary collaborations and intense networking between leading institutions.  Brain @McGill, in partnership with other internationally renowned neuroscience institutes, offers such a framework to promote and sustain innovative research projects and to tackle unmet medical needs through a unique reservoir of world-class expertise.

MCGILL IN THE NEWS                                                                              

Treating trauma on a city-wide scale (Alain Brunet)
28 May (Med e-News)

Neurological Therapy: Can stimulating the tongue help stimulate the brain? (Gabriel Leonard & Alain Ptito)
23 May (CTV News)

Mechanism that reduces effect of cocaine on brain discovered (David Stellwagen)
19 May (Neuroscientist News)

Shedding light on the genetic causes of cerebral palsy (Maryam Oskoui)
19 May (McGill Reporter)

Factors Influencing ADHD Persistence Into Adulthood Identified (Arunima Roy)
18 May (Psychiatry Advisor)

Overuse of GPS navigation shrinks part of the brain, says researcher (Véronique Bohbot)
17 May (CBC Radio)

Scientists discover brain cells that play key role in leptin sensing, weight gain (Maia Kokoeva)
12 May (Med e-News)

Disrupted REM sleep can derail memory formation (Sylvain Williams)
12 May (BBC News)

Alzheimer’s disease: It takes two (proteins) to tango (Pedro Rosa-Neto)
10 May (McGill Reporter)

Gene mutations shown to cause form of HSP
9 May (Neuro News)

May 2016 - Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month
2 May (Neuro News)

Key mechanism identified in brain tumor growth (Arezu Jahani-Asl)
25 April (McGill Newsroom)

Power of Positive Thinking Skews Mindfulness Studies (Brett Thombs)
21 April (Nature)

When two proteins join forces to destroy our brain (Pedro Rosa-Neto)
20 April (RCI)

Brighter prospects for chronic pain (Philippe Séguéla)
20 April (Neuro News)

New research network focuses on kids with brain-based disabilities (Annette Majnemer)
17 April (McGill News Magazine)

How depression may compound risk of type 2 diabetes (Norbert Schmitz)
14 April (Med e-News)

Understanding why some people take their lives – and some don’t (Gustavo Turecki)
10 April (Toronto Star)

April is Autism Awareness Month
7 April (Med e-News)

Brain responses found to originate from previously unknown source (Robert Zatorre)
6 April (Neuro News)

The Neuro – A Major Force in Parkinson’s Disease Research and Treatment
5 April (Neuro News)

Treatment of pediatric brain tumors major discovery (Nada Jabado, Jean-Pierre Farmer)
4 April (La Presse)

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L'actualité de la recherche sur le cerveau

Mind & Brain
Scientific American

Spiegel Online

We are pleased to announce the 2015 Bloomfield Award Recipients (for graduate students/postdocs at Tel Aviv University to travel to McGill):

Shlomo Sragovich (McGill Host labs: Profs. Kevin Petrecca and Anne McKinney)
Defending the brain against chemotherapy and radiotherapy induced neurotoxcity : The link between cancer and neurodegeneration

Rachel Posner (McGill Host lab: Prof. Michael Hendricks)
Epigenetic regulation of behavior variability

Yuvraj Joshi (McGill Host lab: Prof. Adam Hendricks)
Regulation of microtubule dynamics by neurotrophins

Nadav Aridan (McGill Host lab: Prof. Lesley Fellows)
Studying novel methods for motivational change in rehabilitation

Read more about the Bloomfield Award

Congratulations to our 2015 Brain @McGill Undergraduate Essay Competition Winners!


First prize: Julia Yu
Illuminating the Neural Circuitry Underlying Context-dependent Reward-seeking  
Second prize: Zhubo (Drew) Zhang
Parallel Coding as a Mechanism for the Resolution of Ambiguity in the Adaptive Code
Third prize: Lou Beaulieu-Laroche
TMC9 as a Novel Mechanosensitive Ion Channel
Fourth prize: Andrew Matheson
Control of Sequencing and Timing in Birdsong

Read the winning essays here

New round of calls for projects within the Oxford - Brain @McGill - ZNZ Partnership in the Neurosciences:

Application Deadline:14 December 2015
Decision Expected by: 1 February 2016
Earliest Start Date: 4 April 2016

More information

Travel awards for McGill graduate and postdoctoral students:
Funding will enable students to go to laboratories of our partners in Oxford and ZNZ:

Osler Graduate/Postdoctoral Research travel award for McGill students/fellows to visit Oxford
(Deadline: 30th April 2016)

Training opportunities for McGill students/postdoctoral fellows to visit ZNZ

Funding will also support students travelling to McGill from ZNZ or Oxford:

Laszlo and Etelka Kollar Brain@McGill Graduate/Postdoctoral Travel Award for students from ZNZ or Oxford to visit McGill 
(Open Call)


Alberto Aguayo Travel Award for McGill Graduate Trainees in Neuroscience

PDF icon Details and Application Form

BrainReach Awarded First Prize by the CAN Advocacy Committee for Outreach!

From L to R: Dr. Josephine Nalbantoglu (Dean, GPS), Kelly Smart (BrainReach North), Maxime Robert (BrainReach High School), and Falisha Karpati (BrainReach Elementary).

The IPN would like to congratulate the BrainReach team for winning the Canadian Association of Neuroscience Advocacy Committee Award for “best student initiative promoting neuroscience to the public”. As the CAN Advocacy Committee wrote, the Committee “was especially impressed by your level of organization, the number of students you reach every year, and its availability outside of big urban centres… BrainReach Mcgill is an impressive group of neuroscience advocates and ambassadors, and we want to congratulate you for your efforts. CAN is very proud to present you with this prize.” 

Mr. Ziv Nevo Kulman and Dr. Rosie Goldstein

Excellence in Neuroscience Research: A Partnership in Discovery, December 1, 2015

On December 1 2015, McGill University, in collaboration with Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University, hosted a gathering at the home of Mr. Ziv Nevo Kulman, Consul General of Israel in Quebec and Atlantic Canada. Marc Weinstein, VP of University Advancement at McGill, Dr. Rose Goldstein, VP of Research and international Relations at McGill, and Meir Buber, Senior Resource Executive, Tel Aviv University, invited guests to attend this exclusive event to celebrate the rich and growing partnership uniting McGill University and the Montreal Neurological Institute with Tel Aviv University.

Featured guest speakers included Anne McKinney,  PhD, Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, and Chair of Brain @McGill, and Dr. Ziv Gan-Or, MD and PhD from Tel Aviv University, who is currently conducting a post-doctoral fellowship at the Human Genetics Department and Montreal Neurological Institute of McGill University. Guests enjoyed presentations from both experts, as well as an opportunity to discuss the future of neurological research.

We are pleased to announce the results of the selected applications for the latest call for Tripartite (Oxford–Brain @McGill-ZNZ) projects:

Oxford PI:  Uzay Emir
McGill PI: Jamie Near
Title: Neurochemical changes in rat brain during optogenetic stimulation of the reward system
Type: Pilot Project

Oxford PI: Noel Buckley
McGill PI:  Stefano Stifani
Title: Mechanisms underlying the tumour-forming ability of brain cancer stem-like cells
Type:  Pilot Project

ZNZ PI: Reto  Huber
McGill PI: Mallar Chakravarty
Title: Investigation of training induced shape and volume changes within the Basal Ganglia in patients with spinal cord injury
Type: Pilot Project

Congratulations to our new Kollar Award Recipients!

Mariana Zaichuk and Vinita Jagannath are the news recipients of the Laszlo and Etelka Kollar Brain @McGill Graduate/ Postdoctoral Research Travel Award  Read More

Congratulations to our McGill PIs who were recently awarded funding from the Velux Foundation for projects on Healthy Aging 

Lesley Fellows, Nancy Mayo and Jens Pruessner from McGill and Phil Tobler from ZNZ will receive over $665,000 over three years for their project titled: Motivating change, changing motivation:  A neuroscientific examination of effort evaluation and engagement in healthy older adults

The second project that was awarded funding is led by Gerd Multhaup from McGill and Luka Kulic and Christoph Hoch from ZNZ. They will receive over $530,000 over three years for their project titled: Innovative Aß34 Diagnostics to Discriminate Healthy Aging from Prodromal Cognitive Decline.

We are pleased to announce the first recipient of the Zavalkoff Award (for McGill postdocs / graduate students to travel to Tel Aviv University):

Melanie Banina (McGill lab: Dr Mindy Levin)
ENHANCE: Enhancing brain plasticity for sensorimotor recovery in spastic hemiparesis

Read more about the Zavalkoff Award  (Open Call)


Good Reads


The Wounded Brain Healed
The Golden Age of the Montreal Neurological Institute, 1934-1984

Published May 2016

By William Feindel and Richard Leblanc
Published for the Montreal Neurological Institute


The Wounded Brain Healed  by William Feindel and Richard Leblanc, covers a period when EEG was developed as a useful clinical tool, mesial temporal sclerosis was described, and the role of the hippocampus and amygdala in temporal lobe epilepsy was discovered. It was a time when the structure-function relationship of the cerebral cortex was ascertained, the supplementary motor area was discov­ered, and the relationship of handedness to cerebral dominance was established. The hippocampus was found to be the site of short-term memory and the concept of the plurality of memory was formulated. Computed tomography scanning, magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic resonance spectroscopy and positron emission tomography were introduced to North America, among other technological advances.   Read more