A vibrant research centre at the forefront of discovery

McGill CRN has a strong tradition and continued excellence in neuroscience research.

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Research groups

Performing innovative and important research in basic and clinical neuroscience.

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Neuroscience education & training

Providing excellent opportunities for students and postdoctoral researchers.

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Seminars and events

We host weekly Seminar Series throughout the academic year, with talks by international and local experts.

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Funding the future

CRN research is supported by grants from international, national, provincial and local agencies.

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The cutting edge of research

See our latest achievements in high-impact research papers, success in funding, and accomplishments of our trainees.

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Centre for Research in Neuroscience


Welcome to the McGill Centre for Research in Neuroscience!

We are a vibrant and multidisciplinary research centre located at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

The research conducted by our highly interactive research groups has led to major advances in basic and medical neurosciences.

The CRN provides training to students toward an MSc or PhD, and to postdoctoral researchers and MDs for careers in research.


Recent CRN News

  • The CRN welcomes its new Principal Investigator, Dr. Aparna Suvrathan! To read more about Dr. Suvrathan's work, click here.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Keith Murai and Dr. Jesper Sjöström for being awarded CIHR Project Grants.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Jesper Sjöström's team for their publication Abrahamsson et al., Differential Regulation of Evoked and Spontaneous Release by Presynaptic NMDA ReceptorsNeuron (2017) 96(4):839-855.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Brian Chen's team for providing the cover for the April 2017 issue of Biotechniques! Chiu-An Lo is a CRN post-doc in the Chen lab, and Alexander Greben an undergraduate student. Lo CA, Greben AW, Chen BE  (2017) Stable Cell Line Generation with Quantifiable Protein Production Using CRISPR-Cas9 Mediated Knock-In. BioTechniques  April 2017 62(4): 165–174.

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