Research Labs

Neurophysiology of Osmoregulation

We study how the mammalian brain monitors the ratio of salt to water (fluid osmolality) via special neurons called osmoreceptors.

Charles Bourque Lab

Dystrophin Associated Proteins in Synapse Formation and Muscular Dystrophy

The work at our lab is aimed at understanding the role of dystroglycan, dystrophin and associated proteins in muscle function/dysfunction, and in synaptic transmission.

Salvatore Carbonetto Lab

Neural Circuit Formation

We focus on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that allow neural circuits to wire up with precision.

Brian Chen Lab

CNS and peripheral nerve injury and disease

We investigate the cellular changes and molecular mechanisms that trigger, as well as, switch off inflammation after CNS (spinal cord) and peripheral nerve injuries, the role of PLA2 in multiple sclerosis, and neurodegenerative disease.

Samuel David Lab

Gene Dosage Imbalance and Autism Spectrum Disorders

We study animal models of neurodevelopmental disorders using advanced molecular and neuroscience techniques

Wei-Hsiang Huang Lab

Synapse Morphology and Function

We focus on cellular and molecular pathways that regulate the morphology and function of synapses.

Keith Murai Lab

Neuronal Circuit Formation and the Neural Basis of Behaviors

We study axon guidance and targeting, and neural circuits controlling directional movement and aggression.

Yong Rao Lab

Synaptic Plasticity of Cortical Circuits

We study how cortical circuits store information via changes in the connective strength among neurons.

Jesper Sjöström Lab

TNFα in the synaptic plasticity

We study TNFα regulation of synaptic plasticity and neuronal function in disease and trauma.

David Stellwagen Lab

Synaptic learning rules in the cerebellum

We study how synaptic plasticity in the cerebellum results in learned behavior.

Aparna Suvrathan Lab





Nervous System Development and Function

We study the importance of neuron-glial interactions, and the patterned growth and guidance of axons and dendrites.

Don van Meyel Lab

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