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Important Notes: 

  • Given the current situation, communication with the IPN administration is to be done via e-mail until further notice. 

Integrated Program in Neuroscience
Administrative Office

The Neuro
3801 University Street, Montreal QC, H3A 2B4


Dr. Reza Farivar Director   reza.farivar [at]                                                   
Dr. Ed Ruthazer

Associate Director

  ed.ruthazer [at]
Katherine Vanka                                  Student Affairs Administrator

✓ Office administration
✓ Student awards and fellowships
✓ Allocation finance
✓ Student and supervisor advising
✓ New supervision requests

  administrator.ipn [at]


  Room 148, MNI

Vivian Omune Student Affairs Coordinator

✓ Internal student affairs
✓ Program milestones: Meetings, candidacy exams, oral defenses, student forms
✓ Courses: Registration, requirements, exemptions
✓ Graduate Enhancement Travel (GREAT) Award

  ipn [at]


  Room 141, MNI

Mirko Sablich Admissions Coordinator ✓ Admissions
✓ Graduate Research Trainees (GRTs)

 ipn.admissions [at]


 Room 143, MNI

Dhabisha Kohilanathan Project Administrator

✓ Internal & external communications
✓ Events, sponsorships, collaborations
✓ Website and social media platforms
✓ Student recruitment
✓ Office finance

 projects.ipn [at]


 Room 141, MNI



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