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Post-Synaptic Careers - Life after a Neuroscience Degree (A new Discussion Series with guest speakers)


What can one do after a degree in Neuroscience?  This discussion series will address this question through informal conversations with some successful non-academics with graduate degrees in...

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Prior to pursuing a PhD in the IPN Daniel Almeida lived in Toronto his entire life, where he completed an HBSc in Physiology and Psychology at the University of Toronto. Daniel’s doctoral thesis...

Integrated Program in Neuroscience Open House for Prospective Graduate Students.


On March 13th, the McGIll Integrated Program in Neuroscience will welcome prospective graduate students to meet faculty and current students from our program./ipnCategory: Integrated Program in...

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Information for Neuroscience Professors

Our graduate program has close to 240 supervisors spread across many departments, research institutes, and neuroscience disciplines. The sections below contain important information that you should...