Stipend Funding

The information on this page is accurate as of July 2019.

Graduate students in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience receive guaranteed funding in the form of annual student stipends. McGill University defines a student stipend as "an award paid to a student from a supervisor's research funds which will assist the student in qualifying for a degree or other scholastic recognition in the field in which the research is being carried out." Student stipends are intended to financially support the student, so that they can pay for their tuition and fees, and living expenses. Stipends are given to the student on an annual basis throughout their degree, given that they demonstrate adequate progress and meet the required program milestones. Personal or family financing, as well as TA-ships are not permitted as part of stipend funding.

The table down below lists the minimum annual stipend amounts set by IPN, which are dependent on the student's residency status and level of graduate study:


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