Tuition and Fees

Graduate Tuition & Fees

A detailed breakdown of the tuition and fees for McGill's Master's and Doctoral students is available on the university's Student Accounts website.

International Fee Differential (IDF) Yearly Renewal for Returning Students

The IDF allows PhD students to pay the same tuition fees as PhD students from Quebec. If you were the recipient of an IDF in the past, IPN will continue to cover the IDF for students who remain eligible. In order to remain eligible, returning students must fill out the form linked here on an annual basis, register before the deadline, and remain in good academic standing. It will remain at the discretion of IPN to review all information, including all sources of external funding in the eligibility, processing, and renewal of the IDF waiver.

International residency fees apply to graduate students until they complete 8 full-time semesters in a doctoral program (when admitted to Ph.D. 1) or 6 full-time semesters in a doctoral program (when admitted to Ph.D. 2). When “Additional Session” appears on your transcript you are no longer subject to international fees, and therefore no longer require this fee waiver.

N.B. Please note that, exceptionally, we will be contacting some students to register over the Summer as there will be an earlier deadline for them.

Deadlines to Register

May 24, 2023 (starting at 8:00 a.m.*) to August 14, 2023 new and returning students must register for Fall and Winter terms by adding registration confirmation courses on Minerva. The course code for the registration confirmation course is REGN RCGR and its CRNs are 180 for the Fall 2022 term and 190 for the Winter 2023 term. New students do not need to fill out the eligibility form.


Fees Visible on Account Summary by Term Payment Due
Fall Term  
Early August August 31, 2023
Winter Term  
Early December January 4, 2024

After we review your eligibility, we will adjust your international fees. You will see the change on your next bill in September for students beginning in Fall or February for students beginning in January.


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