Registration Dates
Course Exemptions

Registration Dates - Fall 2021

*Will entail a late registration fee
NEW STUDENTS July 6, 2021 (as of 9 AM E.T.) - August 14, 2021 August 15, 2021 - September 14, 2021

June 1, 2021 (as of 8 AM E.T.*) - August 14, 2021

*Returning students must check their Registration Eligibility in the Registration Menu in Minerva to confirm when they may begin registering.

August 15, 2021 - September 14, 2021



New and returning graduate students of McGill University must register for the Fall and Winter semesters by adding registration confirmation courses on Minerva. The course code for the registration confirmation course is REGN RCGR and its CRNs are 196 for the Fall 2021 term and 210 for the Winter 2022 term. 

Once the registration confirmation courses have been added, students may then register for courses. View our course catalogue here.

It is important to note that all our graduate students must continuously register for every semester during their studies until they submit their final e-thesis (exception: leave of absence). Students who fail to do so will be withdrawn from the University in their first unregistered term. To resume their studies, the student must then submit a request for readmission to be permitted to register. 

Students who are on a time-limit will be blocked from registering for the academic year. More information here

For detailed instructions regarding registration, visit GPS' webpage


Read through our course requirements page and our course catalogue.



McGill University has a dynamic course registration system such that it allows its registered students to add and/or drop courses once the semester has begun, without penalty. The add/drop deadline for Fall 2021 is September 14, 2021. 


Course Exemptions

There are no credit transfers for core courses, only exemptions. Requests for course exemptions will be considered only for the following courses: NEUR 630 (Principles of Neuroscience I) and NEUR 631 (Principles of Neuroscience 2). If your request to be exempt from either one (or both) of these courses is approved, you will have to make up the credits with another course(s). 

Exemptions will be considered on the basis of content equivalency. That is, an exemption will be granted if and only if it is demonstrated that one or more undergraduate or graduate-level course successfully completed by the student shares a sufficient degree of content overlap with the IPN core course(s) for which exemption is being requested. In the event that a student requests exemptions from both courses, it is the responsibility of the student to provide evidence of equivalency for both courses. 

A course taken at another university can be used as evidence of equivalency for only one McGill course. 

Apply for an Exemption:

E-mail the IPN office (ipn [at] with the following:  

  • Name and course number of the IPN core course(s) you are requesting to be exempt from;
  • Evidence of content equivalency - These can be;
    • Undergraduate courses taken at McGill. In this case, the student needs to provide a list of the course names and numbers.
    • Undergraduate OR graduate courses taken at another university. In this case, the student must provide their transcript and an electronic copy of the syllabus for each course.

Requests for exemption will be reviewed by the Directorship Committee before a decision is made. If the decision is negative, you will receive written feedback justifying the decision. 


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