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Learn why you should pursue a doctorate in management at McGill and join the #DesautelsFamily.

Research Excellence

Learn why you should pursue a doctorate in management at McGill.  Join the #DesautelsFamily.

PhD Program in Management

Building excellence

The Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill, renowned world-wide for cutting edge research, offers a PhD Program in Management where outstanding students conduct fundamental research at the frontiers of management knowledge and practice.

With the collaboration of faculty and industry leaders, the program prepares students to become autonomous researchers, whose teaching, publications and consulting activities contribute to leading universities and organizations around the world.

The Desautels PhD program participates in a joint doctoral program that brings together the four leading Montreal universities (HEC-Montreal, Concordia, UQAM, and McGill).  As a result, students gain access to the rich doctoral offerings from other universities and are expected to include professors from other universities on their committees.

Areas of specialization

Before entering the PhD Program in Management at Desautels, students must select an area of specialization from one of the following or from a combination thereof:


The PhD specialization in Accounting focuses on issues related to the use of accounting information by various users (i.e., investors, financial analysts), the effect of regulations and of changes in accounting practices and theory. These include financial reporting and disclosure, management accounting and control systems, and auditing.

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The PhD specialization in Finance prepares students for research-oriented academic careers. While students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply, the typical student holds an undergraduate or a master degree in economics, finance, mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering or physics. All admitted students will receive funding of at least $20,000 per year for a four year period.

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Information Systems

The objectives of the PhD specialization in Information Systems (IS) are to promote theoretical and applied research on topics related to information systems practice with a combined focus on scientific rigour and relevance.

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The PhD specialization in Marketing is concerned with the behavior of consumers, competitors and intermediaries, and the outcomes of their decisions as they relate to the performance of firms and brands. An interdisciplinary field, marketing relies considerably on fields such as psychology, economics, statistics and sociology to develop theory and methodology.

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Operations Management

The PhD specialization in Operations Management is typically characterized by a blend of theoretical and applied research. In addition to the Management Science Research Center of McGill, the area members are affiliated with two main inter-University research centers, GÉRAD and CIRRELT.

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Organizational Behaviour

The fundamental objective of the PhD specialization in Organizational Behaviour is to train world-class researchers in this field. The term "organizational behaviour" refers to a collection of theory and research that focuses on individual and group attitudes, cognitions and behaviours in organizations.

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Retail Management

The Bensadoun School of Retail Management is pleased to announce that it will welcome doctoral candidates to its PhD specialization in Retail Management starting with the September 2019 admission.

Strategy & Organization

The PhD specialization in Strategy & Organization is designed to train students in the theory and methods of strategy and organization. Desautels is renowned for its process approach to strategy – a focus on the dynamics through which strategies emerge and are realized in organizations, and the particular concepts and methodologies for studying the dynamics of strategic change.

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Scholarly publications

Desautels continues to be a research leader among Canadian schools and maintains a high level of research productivity in the most prestigious journals. Consult the Desautels Research Newsletter for a list of Student Research Publications or view the Faculty list of PhD Theses.


Dr. Danny Miller, Chair and Research Professor, HEC Montreal and University of Alberta“What was great about doing the PhD program at McGill was the extensive amount of personal contact I had with passionate, talented professors. I could not have asked for a richer kick-off to my research career.”

—Dr. Danny Miller, PhD 1976
Chair and Research Professor, HEC Montreal and University of Alberta

Chayawat Ornthanalai“The PhD program at McGill fosters research collaboration between students and faculties. My most important learnings and research development came from direct discussions and co-authorship with the faculty members.”

—Chayawat Ornthanalai, PhD 2009
Assistant Professor of Finance, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

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