Areas of specialization

Research and teaching at the Faculty are divided into the following areas of specialization:


Focuses on issues related to users employment of accounting information, and the effects of regulations and changes in accounting practices and theory.

Operations Management

Encompasses the formal modeling of decision-making problems in different fields found in the critical processes associated with the design, production, and distribution of goods and services.


Conducts research in all areas of finance, including global financial markets, asset valuation, corporate finance, funds management, derivatives, and risk management. 

Organizational Behaviour

Develops a greater understanding of the personal, interpersonal, and organizational processes that influence the management of people in complex and evolving organizations. 

Information Systems

Questions the consequences of information systems and innovations at multiple levels, analyzes the processes of implementation, adoption, and change associated with information technology, as well as evaluates the economic impact of new technologies.

Strategy & Organization

Focuses on strategy formation and strategic change in the context of globalization, whether for large corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, or not-for-profit organizations.


Studies the behaviour of consumers, competitors, and intermediaries, and the outcomes of their decisions as they relate to the performance of firms and brands.


Focus on...

Retail Management

The Bensadoun School of Retail Management (BSRM) at McGill University is mandated to perform cutting-edge, integrative research that builds on expertise from across the Management Faculty and University. Its mission it to educate and empower a global network of interdisciplinary and diverse thinkers and practitioners who research, envision and prototype a successful world of retail.

Health Care Management

McGill University is renowned as a world-wide leader in health care research and teaching, and the Desautels Faculty of Management recognizes the need for better health care management and supports several major global research and teaching initiatives in health.


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