Areas of specialization

Research and teaching at the Faculty are divided into the following areas of specialization:


Focuses on issues related to users employment of accounting information, and the effects of regulations and changes in accounting practices and theory. Learn more

Operations Management

Encompasses the formal modeling of decision-making problems in different fields found in the critical processes associated with the design, production, and distribution of goods and services. Learn more


Conducts research in all areas of finance, including global financial markets, asset valuation, corporate finance, funds management, derivatives, and risk management. Learn more

Organizational Behaviour

Develops a greater understanding of the personal, interpersonal, and organizational processes that influence the management of people in complex and evolving organizations. Learn more

Information Systems

Questions the consequences of information systems and innovations at multiple levels, analyzes the processes of implementation, adoption, and change associated with information technology, as well as evaluates the economic impact of new technologies. Learn more

Strategy & Organization

Focuses on strategy formation and strategic change in the context of globalization, whether for large corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, or not-for-profit organizations. Learn more



Studies the behaviour of consumers, competitors, and intermediaries, and the outcomes of their decisions as they relate to the performance of firms and brands. Learn more


Focus on

Health Care Management

While not a formal area of specialization in our Faculty, many of our faculty members conduct research on and teach courses related to health care management. Health Care Management focuses on the challenges faced by health sector, with specific emphasis on the health care processes, health system infrastructure, and population health. Learn more


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated: 2020/03/26

In accordance with the Quebec government’s latest directive, McGill University will remain closed until further notice, except for necessary activities. Your program office is still available to support you during this time. Should you have any questions or concerns, you may email your program office directly.

Please visit our COVID-19 FAQ page for the latest information.

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