Strategy & Organization

Strategy & Organization

Strategy formation and strategic change in the context of globalization.

Welcome to the Desautels Faculty of Management’s Strategy and Organization website. This website is an introduction to our members, our research, and our teaching and outreach programs.

We have a vibrant, multidisciplinary group. Our research combines theoretical and empirical rigour with social relevance. Although we study a wide variety of contexts and employ a range of theoretical lenses and research methodologies, we tend to ask “big questions” and engage in longitudinal, process-focused research. 

As committed and engaged teachers, we take pride in our teaching at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels. In recent years, we have developed a number of new courses and programs, notably in Entrepreneurship and Social Business and Enterprise. Our Major in Strategic Management combines traditional topics in Strategy and Organization with attention to social and environmental impact.

About Strategy and Organization

The Strategy and Organization discipline focuses on research and teaching that address:

  • The consequences and opportunities of globalization
  • The process by which strategies form and change, and their social determinants.
  • The emergence of new organizations, industries, and industrial sectors.
  • The relationship between organizations and their economic, political, social, and natural environments.

Strategy and Organization at Desautels Faculty of Management

We study and teach management from a holistic and integrative perspective to understand important real-life phenomena as well as to build theory. We address strategic management and organizational issues in both domestic and international contexts.


Our faculty members comprise a diverse group in terms of disciplinary backgrounds, theoretical and methodological approaches, and research topics. Learn more about current research projects in our discipline.

Research centres

In addition to individual pursuits, our discipline’s faculty members are affiliated with the Centre for Strategy Studies in Organizations. The centre promotes the execution and dissemination of research on issues central to organizations. Its members employ diverse approaches to strategy and strategic change research, including longitudinal/qualitative and advanced quantitative methods. Issues focus on the formation of strategic direction, innovation in organizational forms and practices, and the relationship between organizations and society.


The faculty in our discipline develop innovative teaching programs and novel pedagogical approaches that provide our undergraduate, graduate, and practitioner students with expertise in multiple domains:


We are also well-connected to industry. Members of our Faculty’s Global Experts program contribute to our classrooms through guest lectures and student field projects.

The McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship is also a hub for entrepreneurial activity at Desautels and in the greater Montreal community. The aim of the Dobson Centre is to offer entrepreneurial education and provide resources that support and develop entrepreneurs.

Desautels Global Experts

Members of the Desautels Global Experts program contribute to our classrooms through guest lectures. As practitioners in the industry, they contribute to our students' learning experience.

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