Organizational restructuring is a visible sign of change but often not effective

Changes to an organization’s structure are tangible but don’t necessarily bring about any concrete results. Consider the example of the UK’s National Health Service. It regularly reorganizes but doesn’t change much. “The reason is simple,” says Professor Henry Mintzberg in an interview with Business People.

Published: 21 May 2024

Linguistic Inclusiveness in Organizations: A Russophone Bank in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan

Authors: EunJoo Koo and Anna Kim

Publication: Academy of Management Journal Articles in advance — published online: April 11, 2024

Published: 23 Apr 2024

Two McGill Desautels professors amongst recipients of the President’s Prize for Public Engagement through Media

McGill University's President’s Prize for Public Engagement Through Media recognizes outstanding achievement among those who share their knowledge with the public. In 2024, McGill Desautels was well-represented among the winners.

Published: 17 Apr 2024

McGill Desautels faculty members and researchers celebrated at Bravo Gala


McGill University hosted its annual Bravo Gala on Thursday, March 21, which honours its faculty members and researchers who have won special awards, memberships and prizes over the past year. McGill Desautels is proud to announce 14 of its faculty amongst the distinguished honourees this year. Congratulations to our deserving laureates! Full list below. #Bravo2024

Published: 21 Mar 2024

MBA studies sharpen management skills, but can’t create managers on their own

Some scholars have argued that MBAs serve business school bottom lines more than they benefit students, writes Ann Peng in the Kansas City Business Journal. Other studies have quantified significant financial benefits for those who hold these degrees. But the MBA doesn’t make the manager, and Peng suggests that recruiting MBA students based on their leadership experience instead of their years of general work experience can facilitate their leadership development.

Published: 8 Mar 2024

Universities must go beyond the ivory tower

The ivory tower sits on a solid foundation, but it could use a little shaking up, writes Professor Henry Mintzberg in a University World News article co-authored with his daughter Susan Mintzberg, a doctoral candidate in social work at McGill University. They argue that an overemphasis on a few top journals is one of the issues of the current model.

Published: 10 Jan 2024

Idealizing specific body types in the workplace causes inequities

When you think of a shopping centre Santa Claus, a specific body type comes to mind: a bearded, rosy-cheeked, older, white man. In fact, many work in fields where their bodies are intentionally governed by organizational systems intent on shaping them into an idealized image of a worker, argues Assistant Professor of Strategy and Organization Rohini Jalan.

Published: 20 Dec 2023

Raising tuition for out-of-province students risks undermining world-class academic programs, writes Prof. Henry Mintzberg

Funding for universities is not a zero-sum game, writes John Cleghorn Professor of Management Henry Mintzberg in a LaPresse op-ed. And the Quebec government’s plan to increase tuition for out-of-province students risks undermining the very source of funding it hopes to leverage.

Published: 18 Dec 2023

A combination of approaches results in better decisions

Navigating decision-making complexities is no easy feat, but Henry Mintzberg, John Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at McGill University, and Frances Westley, J.W. McConnell Chair in social innovation at the University of Waterloo, have crafted insightful methods to ease this process.

Published: 14 Dec 2023

Airbus Canada welcomes McGill students to Mirabel

Last month, over 70 McGill students from different academic disciplines took part in a tour of Airbus Canada’s headquarters in Mirabel, Airbus’ most important headquarters outside of Europe. Students had the unique opportunity to hear from Airbus Canada CEO Benoît Schultz and nearly 20 other company officials, including McGill alumni.

Published: 13 Oct 2023

Research challenging a startup orthodoxy wins multiple Academy of Management awards

Rapid scaling funded through venture capital is the holy grail of Silicon Valley startups—and has been hailed as a way to encourage economic growth in impoverished places. Yet, slower growth could yield greater benefits for local economies, according to Anna Kim, Associate Professor of Strategy and Organization at McGill Desautels.

Published: 12 Oct 2023

The Five Mindsets of a Manager continues to influence management practices twenty years after its original publication

Today’s leaders don’t only face managerial and business challenges. There are geopolitical, social, and environmental obstacles too. The way they respond will define their organization’s success. In 2003, Prof. Henry Mintzberg provided a framework for leadership in the modern global economy when he published “The Five Mindsets of a Manager” in the Harvard Business Review.

Published: 12 Sep 2023

Samer Faraj, Professor of Strategy & Organization, named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Professor Samer Faraj has been named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada’s Academy of Social Sciences. This honour is conferred upon Professor Faraj in recognition of his outstanding research and scholarly achievement.

Published: 6 Sep 2023


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