Master of Management in Retailing (MMR)

How can you drive digital innovation in
the future of retail?

In partnership with the Bensadoun School of Retail Management.

Master of Management in Retailing

The McGill Master of Management in Retailing (MMR) degree is a 16-month specialized program (12 months for those with extensive retail experience) to prepare future leaders in the ever-evolving field of retail with a strong emphasis on experiential learning.

The MMR program provides students with advanced marketing techniques, omni-channel approach, and the tools they need to respond to the rapidly changing & increasingly complex global business environment.

Students will earn a master's degree of management in retailing and gain expertise in managerial problem-solving through the utilization of cutting-edge retail tools, all in preparation for impactful careers in the retail industry across various sectors and managerial roles.

This is the most exciting time to be in Retail…

As we have all seen, things have changed! What worked before in retail will not necessarily work today or in the future. There’s nothing traditional or expected about our MMR program. There can’t be if we expect our students to lead the future of retail. We recognize that each one of our students come to us with a diverse background, skillset, and vision for the future. Our 12- and 16-month program options and wide selections of electives take this diversity of need into account.

Top 5 reasons to join the MMR program

Practical knowledge to hit the ground running…

We also recognize that employers are hungry for a set of skills that most retailing programs have historically neglected to teach, like retail analytics, sustainability, and design thinking. That’s why we are in constant communication with our retail partners and collaborators to ensure that our curriculum is exactly what top retail employers want and need. With a variety of sector concentrations like Fashion/Luxury Goods, Food/Grocery, Fintech, and Entertainment/Hospitality, our students can personalize their learning to gain a competitive edge. In designing our MMR program, we have pioneered a new era of retail education and leadership and we expect our students to lead the ever-evolving retail landscape!

Kunsoo Han
Academic Director

Rony Chamoun
Program Director

Is the McGill MMR program right for me?

The MMR program is designed as a pre-experience program, meaning no prior work experience is necessary. However, candidates with a background in retail may be given preference. The program welcomes students from diverse academic backgrounds, including those with an undergraduate degree in any discipline, who possess a keen interest in the field of retail along with some analytical and computer acumen.

Key Features of the MMR

  • Comprehensive curriculum covering retail strategy, consumer behavior, supply chain management, and data-driven retail analytics.
  • Real-World Experience with industry partners provides practical skills.
  • Diverse Student Cohort from various backgrounds, fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Access to Global McGill Alumni and Industry Network for career opportunities.
  • Flexible length of 1-year or 1.5-year option (includes internship). 

Upon completion, you will gain

  • A master's degree in retail management with managerial expertise using data and creative design thinking, enhancing your value as a sought-after retail professional.
  • Practical Experience through hands-on projects for real-world retail challenges, ensuring immediate applicability in your career.
  • Leadership skills with the ability to make informed retail decisions, drive retail success, and earn recognition.
  • A McGill degree, enhancing your credibility, leading to better job prospects and earning potential in the retailing industry.

Student City

*#1 Best Student City in North America
QS Best Student Cities 2022 (Tied with Boston)


*#27 University in the World.
QS World University Rankings 2022

Hear from MMR professors

Hear from MMR professors

Our professors describe the program, discuss the retail industry and explain why you should apply to the MMR.

The Retail Innovation Lab (RIL)

The Retail
Innovation Lab (RIL)

The RIL offers omni-channel retail activities in a ‘live and open’ setting and fosters collaborations between interdisciplinary & inter-faculty academics & key players in retail, emerging technologies and start-ups.

Bensadoun School Instructors

Meet the
MMR Instructors

Professors at the McGill University's Bensadoun School of Retail Management are renowned for their research excellence, innovations in teaching, and receiving recognition from international peers.

The Future of Retail

The Future of Retail

The MMR program has been made possible thanks to generous donations from Aldo Bensadoun, and is offered in partnership with the Bensadoun School of Retail Management.

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