Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management (GCHM)

How Leadership Can Change the Face of Healthcare

Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management (GCHM)

We are excited to introduce the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management (GCHM). This is a joint initiative, unique in its genre, between the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Desautels Faculty of Management that will be starting in January 2022. This certificate was developed in order to address important gaps in the formal managerial training of healthcare professionals assuming leadership positions. Seasoned professors will teach a curriculum that has been mapped to address the key competencies of the Leader Role in the CANMEDS educational framework of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Both Faculties have been closely involved with course design and will continue to bring significant academic contributions that will contextualize student learning to the healthcare sector.

Upon successful completion of the Certificate, the student will obtain 15 graduate credits from the Faculty of Management that could be eventually applied to the completion of a 45-credit master's degree.

The Certificate is an entirely virtual offering concentrated in four, one-week, live sessions complemented by readings, individual and group assignments as well as workshops bridging the four modules. Typically, the material for each course will be delivered over two sequential periods, with the intention of reinforcing key concepts taught in the first module through individual study and group work. Each student is also expected to complete an experiential (CAPSTONE) project spanning the length of the Certificate that will help anchor the material acquired in each course. The topic of the project may be identified before the start of the course and could take the form of a business plan, quality improvement project, or position paper on a topic related to the learning in the program.


The McGill Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management strives to develop physician leaders and other healthcare professionals by providing them with a range of managerial skills allowing them to positively impact the quality, efficiency, and fiscal responsibility of healthcare delivery that lies within their mandate.


We aim to become the preferred training program for physician leaders and other healthcare professionals who will assume the helm of a transformational change in our health care based on the principles of quality, efficiency, safety, and fiscal responsibility. We also aim to create a learning community of like-minded professionals that will continue to share managerial challenges and successes in the newly created forum. The program plans to draw on the experience and wisdom of recognized leaders in diverse fields and by doing so propose innovative solutions for healthcare challenges.

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