GCHM graduate Mohamed Badawy in operating room

Advance your management and leadership skills

Career pathway

Upon completion of the Certificate, the student will have acquired a set of managerial and leadership skills that would allow them to assume with confidence a range of healthcare leadership roles in the public or private sector. For instance, upon completion of the program, students will be well-prepared to lead a team, program or department or, alternatively to effectively lead a private clinic practice.

The material taught in this Certificate will set a solid managerial foundation for physicians or other healthcare workers with a strong interest in leadership at all stages of their careers. Healthcare professionals stepping into a new role will learn how to apply concepts that will have an immediate impact on their effectiveness as leaders in their milieu.

Master's degree pathway

Looking to pursue a master's degree in healthcare management? Upon successful completion of the GCHM program, the 15 graduate credits can be brought forward for advanced standing in the International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL) program at McGill University.

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