Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

Integrity is the bedrock of the academy. Academic Integrity denotes a commitment to honest, responsible scholarship, and it is paramount in ensuring that the students at McGill who invest their time, money, and energy to develop their various aptitudes, knowledge bases, and skills are in fact receiving the education they seek.

While students bear their own responsibility to know and follow the Code of Student Conduct at McGill, it is the instructors, faculty, and administration who ensure the integrity of the education we provide. At Desautels, we maintain a clear, cohesive message regarding expectations and practices pertaining to Academic Integrity, and our Academic Integrity Handbook offers a straightforward, practical guide to ensuring that our instructors understand, employ, and promote integrity at the Desautels Faculty of Management.

Importantly, McGill is not a punitive institution, and we do not advocate a punitive approach to cultivating and enforcing integrity. We are here to support and encourage our students to thrive at McGill and beyond. Therefore, we work to mitigate threats to Academic Integrity—to prevent cheating in the first place—leading by example and demonstrating our core values to our students. By educating our students about what Academic integrity is and what it signifies, we encourage them to feel that they are part of something larger than a single mark, a single class, or a single year, diminishing the temptation to violate Academic Integrity and enhancing the pride our students feel in the work they produce.

Professor Lindsay Holmgren
Chair, Academic Integrity Council

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Thoughts on Honest Work from our Community

Francesca Carrieri, Prof.

"Talking about academic Integrity in the classroom and actively working to stress its value throughout our courses is very important for professors, and the benefit to our students' education is well worth the additional time preparing and evaluating assessments.

From the students’ standpoint, the time we spend ensuring the integrity of honest work acts as a reassurance that their professors understand their concerns with respect to fair outcomes. Ultimately both professors and students are striving toward the same goal: maintaining the high academic standards in which McGill takes pride."

Francesca Carrieri
Associate Professor, Finance


Jonathan Gurvey, BCom 21


"As a former student at McGill, I am proud of my university. Much of this pride comes from the belief that [it] is one of the most rigorous in Canada and the world. This pride is contingent upon the honesty and integrity of the McGill community in holding ourselves to a high standard of achievement and scholarship."

Jonathan Gurvey, BCom 21
Associate Business Strategist


McGill Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students oversees academic integrity, the student Code of Conduct, and student disciplinary procedures. We help students understand their rights and responsibilities as members of the McGill community, while supporting a learning environment of honesty and integrity.

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