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Lewtas Office of Experiential Learning

A pedagogical approach where students learn by doing, building foundational skills in critical and creative thinking and problem-solving.

Thanks to the generosity of alumnus Donald Lewtas (BCom’75), the Desautels Faculty of Management created the Lewtas Office for Experiential Learning. 

What is Experiential Learning (EL) at Desautels?

Students are immersed in a hands-on activity related to their course concepts, asked to reflect on that activity, which in turn deepens students’ understanding of the course concepts and their ability to participate in the experiential activity.

EL has many known benefits to student learning, both deepening student learning in the classroom, and helping students make the transition to the workforce. EL is an important priority for Desautels Faculty of Management and we hope to allow all students the opportunity to experience meaningful hands-on learning during their time at McGill.

Here at Desautels, Experiential Learning activities follow the following principles:

  1. Intentional

  2. Real-world

  3. Hands-on

  4. Experimental

  5. Reflective

  6. Space for Feedback



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