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Experiential Learning (EL) at McGill Desautels includes course-based opportunities for students to immerse themselves in real-world, hands-on activities. They get the chance to try out ideas and learn how the theories they are taught in class play out, through an iterative process of trial and reflection.

This enhances students’ understanding of course concepts and their ability to participate in the experiential activity. It further helps prepare students for the workforce by arming them with both hard and transferrable skills and giving them a taste of what it would be like to work with different types of organizations.

Why McGill, why our students?

Our BCom students are talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and career interests. Our students consistently report positive experiences from EL opportunities, as they feel more prepared and enthusiastic to enter the workforce.  

Benefits to partnering with a McGill Desautels course  

Participating in experiential learning can provide an opportunity for industry managers to meet with upcoming leaders, serving a critical role in shaping their education. Students spread word on current projects throughout the McGill community, increasing organization visibility among tomorrow’s workforce. EL could help your organization establish a talent pipeline, foster pathways to student internships, and establish a working relationship with students and staff at McGill. Your guidance contributes to the mindsets and actions of tomorrow’s leaders, shaping their education and perspectives on industry issues. Employers may also receive a fresh perspective on organizational issues from students.  

“I really enjoyed the client experiential-learning aspects of the Strategic Management course. I have never experienced a more hands-on project as it truly allowed me to apply what I learned in the course to a real-world situation. Working with our client not only gave me valuable experience in the field but also helped build my communication and problem-solving skills. It was incredibly rewarding to see my team's hard work and dedication pay off and to know we made a tangible impact on our client's business” says Sophie Smith, BCom ‘24. 

How can you be involved? 

Experiential learning can be implemented in many ways and the involvement of industry or community partners exists on a continuum. There are several ways to seek out talent and let students know about your organization, starting from a single course visit all the way to guiding students over one term or an entire year.  

Think about how much time you want to be involved with the students. The more time you give, the greater the commitment and subsequent reward! Students will develop a stronger positive impression and more significant experience with your organization. 

Ways to be involved:  

  • Attend class or meet with students at the beginning of the project to present a real-world scenario or challenge facing your organization.  

  • Speak with students mid-way through the project to provide input on their progress or update details. 

  • Hear final presentations and provide industry insight and feedback on students’ work.  

Contact us  

There are many ways and opportunities to partner with McGill BCom students, contact us at el.mgmt [at] (subject: Industry%20%26%20Community%20Partners) to learn about these opportunities. 

Propose a Project 

Interested in working with students? If you would like to be considered for a partnership, let us know about your project. 

Submit your project or book a consultation for us to develop a project with you. Tell us briefly about the type of projects you would like to partner on. 

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