Casual payroll

Hiring Process

The same hiring process is used for all types of employees.

Step 1: Complete appropriate position request form and send it to hr.mgmt [at]

Step 2: HR will create the position and job posting

Step 3: Candidates apply

Step 4: HR will hire the desired candidate in Workday

  • For positions covered by a collective agreement, all hiring/posting rules will be applied.

*All employees must be legally allowed to work in Canada, and be prepared to provide their SIN when they apply.* 



Hourly employees will submit their hours in Workday. The Manager in Workday will need to approve these hours in Workday in order for the payment to be processed.

For Graders, Tutors, and Research Assistants, the Manager role is held by the supervising instructor.

Due to HR rules, sessional instructors cannot be assigned a Manager role. For Graders/Tutors hired to support a sessional instructor, local HR staff will fulfill the role of Manager.


By accepting a research assistant or non-academic casual position, an employee automatically joins the appropriate union: 

Association of McGill University Research Employees

Founded in 2010, AMURE regroups research associates and research assistants working at McGill. In June 2015, the postdocs paid by McGill voted to become a certified association also with AMURE. Learn more

All Research Associates & Assistants are required to fill out this form and submit to AMURE.

Association of McGill University Support Employees

AMUSE is a labour union that represents temporary clerical and support staff at McGill. This includes both students and non-students in part-time and full-time positions. Learn more

All temporary Clerical & Support Staff are required to fill out this form and submit to AMUSE.



Desautels HR Team

Room 305
Tel: 514-398-6733
Email: hr.mgmt [at]


Human Resources Service Center
Tel: 514-398-4747
Email: [at]

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