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Dare... to chart your own course

In business education, as in business, what works today will not necessarily work tomorrow. There’s nothing traditional or expected about the way we have redesigned our MBA program. There can’t be if we expect our students to complete at the highest level in a rapidly changing business environment. We recognize that each one of the 80 students in our incoming MBA classes come to us with a diverse background, skillset, and vision for the future. The mid-career student who aims to move to a higher rung of leadership within her organization will have distinctly different needs from the student who seeks to leverage his MBA to blaze a new career path in a new country. Our one-year and two-year program options take this diversity of need into account.

We also recognize that employers are hungry for a set of skills that most MBA programs have historically neglected to teach, like AI, financial technology, data analysis, and design thinking. When the market speaks, we listen. With new, flexible specializations, our students can personalize the content of their degrees to gain a competitive edge. In redesigning our MBA program, we have charted our own course because we expect our students to do the same.

John-Paul Ferguson

MBA Director

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The future belongs to those who ... Dare

At the Desautels Faculty of Management, we take pride in our reputation for outstanding teaching and innovative research. Year after year, rankings of the world’s top business schools affirm the caliber of talent and achievement within our programs. Yet there is nothing that fills me with greater pride than witnessing the contributions of individual students. They come from more than 75 countries around the world in pursuit of a vision that extends far beyond the bottom line. More than any other generation before them, they recognize the unlimited potential of business to help people flourish.

At Desautels, we aim to equip these students with the skills and experiences they need to make a lasting impact. Before they graduate, they tackle complex challenges in data analytics and other expanding areas of management. They learn to make decisions based on what is sustainable, not just what is profitable. They leverage their entrepreneurial skills to found businesses that disrupt entire industries. They achieve extraordinary success because they dare to do things differently—and the future belongs to those who dare.

Dean Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou
Desautels Faculty of Management

Personalized Career Preparation & Planning

  1. Benefit from one-on-one career coaching tailored to your needs.
  2. Gain personal insights through advanced psychometric testing.
  3. Connect with industry experts to help you navigate your career path.
  4. Enjoy comprehensive support throughout your MBA journey.

Grow your Own Professional Network

  1. Network in-person in Canada’s two largest job markets through a Faculty-led Toronto trip, Montreal career panels, recruitment fairs, and company visits.
  2. Expand your network through DesautelsConnect, a cutting-edge online platform.
  3. Engage with alumni and business leaders through various mentorship opportunities.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated: 2020/03/26

In accordance with the Quebec government’s latest directive, McGill University will remain closed until further notice, except for necessary activities. Your program office is still available to support you during this time. Should you have any questions or concerns, you may email your program office directly.

Please visit our COVID-19 FAQ page for the latest information.

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