Quebec residents

Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada: Quebec Residents

To be considered a Quebec resident, students must meet all the criteria of one of the 14 situations outlined by the Quebec Government.

Please note that only Canadian citizens (including Canadian First Nations) and permanent residents can apply for Quebec residency for the purposes of tuition fee assessment. All other categories of students (International, Refugee, Diplomat, Visitor's Visa, etc.) may not be considered as Quebec residents according to the Ministry of Education's directives. There are, however, certain fee exemptions for students of these categories that allow for tuition fee reductions; click here for more information.

Important re Break in Enrolment: Note that if a student is absent (i.e. not enrolled) for more than 2 semesters (not counting the Summer term), it may be necessary to reprove their Quebec residency status. Please verify your legal and tuition fee status in Minerva (select the appropriate term) to confirm that the QC residency is still active. If not, please contact us. Applicants to Medicine: contact the Faculty of Medicine Admissions Office. A table of break in enrolment scenarios is available here.

McGill reserves the right to request additional documentation not indicated in the tables below, depending on the circumstances of your individual request.


Select the Quebec Resident situation that best describes your situation:

Situation 1. You were born in Quebec

Situation 2. You are a Quebec CEGEP student entering McGill

Situation 3. You are coming to McGill from another Quebec University where you were considered a Quebec resident

Situation 4. You have a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)

Situation 5. Your parent's (or sponsor's) main residence is in Quebec

Situation 6. You resided in Quebec for one year and did not study full-time at a Quebec educational institution.

Situation 7. You are receiving financial assistance from Aide financière aux études du Québec or you are a former recipient and did not interrupt your studies for more than two semesters

Situation 8. You have never resided in Canada prior to your first semester at McGill and within three months upon your arrival in Canada, you took up residence in Quebec; or you are a permanent resident of Canada who took up residence in Quebec within the first three months after becoming a permanent resident.

Situation 9. Your spouse is considered to be a Quebec resident according to one of the 14 Quebec residency situations.

Situation 10. You are a member of a Native nation in Quebec.

Situation 11. You continued to reside in Quebec even though your parents or sponsor no longer reside here.

Situation 12. You have a Certificate issued by Quebec's director of  civil status attesting you were adopted by a person residing in Quebec at the time of your adoption.

Situation 13. Your two parents are deceased and one of your parents or your sponsor was residing in Quebec at the time of death.

Situation 14. You have already been granted Quebec resident status in the past and have resided in Quebec for three consecutive years in the past five years.



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