Situation 5

Situation 5. Your parent's (or sponsor's) main residence is in Quebec


Premise: Your parent or sponsor resides in Quebec on a full-time basis.

 Documents Required:

1) Proof of Canadian legal status

2) A copy of a government-issued document validating kinship between you and your parent* or sponsor. (Example: the long form of your birth certificate, or copy of your foreign birth certificate translated into either English or French, or Canadian permanent resident landing paper naming your immigration sponsor)

3) Parent/sponsor's proof of Quebec residency. Either a copy of their valid RAMQ-issued Quebec Medicare card OR proof that your parent's or sponsor's main domicile is in Quebec (PDF icon proof of domicile #5).


a) Your parent/sponsor's principal and permanent residence must be in Quebec.
b) Your parent/sponsor is not required to reside in Quebec for a minimum time before you may benefit from Quebec tuition rates.
c) You are not required to reside with your parent/sponsor.
d) You do not have to be a minor to benefit from Quebec resident tuition rates.

* A Legal Guardian recognized by a federal or provincial court is also considered as your parent. 


IMPORTANT NOTES regarding submission deadlines


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