Situation 11

Situation 11. You continued to reside in Quebec even though your parents or sponsor no longer reside here 

*This is a temporary status; a break in enrolment may impact this status.


  • You must have continued residing in Quebec after your parents or sponsor stopped residing in Quebec.  You cannot have left and then returned to Quebec since their departure.
  • Your parents or sponsor must have dwelled in Quebec as residents, not as visitors.
  • For the purposes of this definition, “parents” means the student’s father and mother, and “sponsor” means a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, other than the student’s father, mother or spouse, who sponsors the application for landing of a permanent resident within the meaning of the Act respecting immigration to Quebec.
  • A Legal Guardian recognized by a federal or provincial court is also considered as your parent. 


Documents required:

  1. Proof of Canadian legal status
  2. A copy of a government-issued document validating kinship between you and your parents (example: the long form of your Canadian birth certificate or a copy of your foreign birth certificate translated into either English or French) OR your Canadian permanent resident landing paper which clearly indicates the name of your sponsor.
  3. Proof of Quebec residency (PDF iconproof of domicile) of one of your parents/sponsor up until their date of departure from the province.
  4. Proof that your principal and permanent domicile has been in Quebec since your parents or sponsor stopped residing in Quebec. The documents provided must be valid from the time your parent(s) or sponsor stopped residing in Quebec to the academic session for which you are applying for Quebec resident tuition rates. Either a copy of your validated* RAMQ-issued Quebec Medicare card or proof that your main domicile is in Quebec (PDF icon proof of domicile) can be submitted.


*We will authenticate your card so as to establish proof of domicile as per the guidelines issued by the Quebec Ministry of Education.


IMPORTANT NOTES regarding submission deadlines


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