Situation 4

Situation 4. You have a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)


Premise: You held a Certificate de Sélection du Québec at the time you became a Canadian permanent resident

Documents Required:

1) Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency*

2) A valid CSQ by way of one of the following:

- a copy of your CSQ PDF icon csq.pdf
- a copy of your IMM landing paper upon which your CSQ number is machine typed
- a copy of your parent's CSQ if your name appears on their CSQ
- a copy of your parent's CSQ and your parent's IMM landing paper if your name appears on their IMM landing paper   
- an official letter from the Quebec Immigration attesting that you  were previously issued a CSQ


* Permanent Residents: your Canadian permanent resident status must have been obtained either during the validity period of your CSQ or during the two-year period immediately following the expiry date of your CSQ in order to qualify for this Quebec residency situation. Citizens are not required to demonstrate a landing date.


IMPORTANT NOTES regarding submission deadlines


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