Situation 13

Situation 13. Your two parents are deceased and one of your parents or your sponsor was residing in Quebec at the time of death

*This is a permanent status; a break in enrolment will not impact this status.


Both of your parents must be deceased, but only one of the parents must have had permanent domicile in Quebec at the time of death; or

Your sponsor must be deceased and had permanent domicile in Quebec at the time of death.

For the purposes of this definition, “parents” means the student’s father and mother, and “sponsor” means a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, other than the student’s father, mother or spouse, who sponsors the application for landing of a permanent resident within the meaning of the Act respecting immigration to Quebec.

A Legal Guardian recognized by a federal or provincial court is also considered as your parent. 

Documents required:

  1. Proof of Canadian legal status
  2. A copy of a government-issued document validating kinship between you and your parents. (example: the long form of your birth certificate, Canadian permanent resident landing paper, or a copy of your foreign birth certificate translated into either English or French).
  3. A copy of the death certificate for each of your parents or sponsor (at least one of which was issued by the Directeur de l'état civil).
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