Situation 14

Situation 14. You have already been granted Quebec resident status in the past and have resided in Quebec for three consecutive years in the past five years.


Premise: The following conditions must be true for the five-year period immediately preceding the term for which you are claiming Quebec residency:

1) You were enrolled at a Quebec post-secondary institution; and 

2) Your tuition status at that Quebec post-secondary institution during your period of enrollment was that of a Quebec resident; and

3) You were residing in Quebec for at least 3 consecutive years.

Documents Required:

1) Proof of Canadian legal status

2) We will access the details of your status from the Quebec Ministry of Education. Note that this situation may not be used by Special or Visiting students for a Summer term.

If the details of your status are not confirmed by the Ministry, you are required to select another situation than situations 2 or 3 and submit your Quebec residence application with required supporting documentation before the deadline.

3) The following must be valid for three consecutive years within the five-year reference period immediately preceding the term for which you are applying for Quebec resident tuition rates: a copy of your validated* Quebec Medicare card OR proof that your main domicile is in Quebec (PDF icon proof of domicile) OR transcripts showing registration at another Quebec post-secondary institution can be submitted.

*Expired cards are not acceptable.  We will authenticate your card so as to establish proof of dwelling per the guidelines issued by the Ministry.


IMPORTANT NOTES regarding submission deadlines


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