Important note for applicants to Medicine: Quebec Residency eligibility

Note that this website is designed to provide students with information related to which documents must be provided to support their immigration and/or tuition status at McGill University.

As an applicant to Medicine, Québec residency status must be fully established (not provisionally) by the application deadline. Therefore, where it reads "before the beginning of the (current) semester" or "before the end of the (current) semester", you should read "before the application deadline". Changes of citizenship or residency after the application deadline will not be considered.

How to use this site (Applicants to Medicine):

  1. Under the Quebec section, select the situation that best describes you (this will generate a list of document requirements)
  2. Send your relevant documents to the Faculty of Medicine Admissions Office

Admissions to Medicine:

For information concerning eligibility requirements for admission to Medicine, please refer to Faculty of Medicine's website.

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