Tuition assistance

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Assistance for employees | Assistance for employees' dependents

Assistance for employees

Eligibility & details

To determine your eligibility, courses covered, and how and when to apply, consult the appropriate policy:

Application form

If you are eligible:

Complete the Request for Educational Assistance Form. You need only complete this form once per term. The waiver will apply to all courses taken within the same term, as long as the necessary eligibility requirements are met.

English for Professional Communication - Prerequisite courses - Non Credit Module: YCGL 102, YCGL 104 and YCGL 106.  These non-credit courses are exceptionally eligible for reimbursement of tuition fees.  To request reimbursement: Following successful completion of the course, send a completed PDF icon request_for_educational_assistance.pdf (paper form) with a copy of your transcript to Human Resources.  A portion of the form will need to be completed by the School of Continuing Studies.  They will be able to provide you with a copy of your transcript. 


Assistance for employees' dependents

Eligibility & details

To determine eligibility, courses covered and how and when to apply, consult the Staff dependent tuition waiver policy.

Application form

The form can be found here.