As a member of the McGill Supplemental Health Plan, while you and your eligible dependents are travelling outside your province of residence, the Emergency Travel Assistance benefit provides you and your eligible dependents coverage for emergency medical services.

Make sure you are covered!

It is important that you understand, prior to your departure, the coverage details and limitations of your health insurance plans while you are away. This pertains to both the McGill Supplemental Health Plan Emergency Travel Assistance benefit and the Quebec Health Insurance Plan (RAMQ).   

  1. RAMQ: Check their website Temporary Stays Outside Quebec before you travel.  Temporary residents take note:  You can be absent from Quebec for trips of 21 consecutive days or less.  However, if you are absent - or intend to be absent - from Quebec for more than 21 days, you will not be covered for either provincial health care (RAMQ) or for emergency travel under the McGill Supplemental Health Plan for the entire duration of your absence. 
  2. McGill Supplemental Health Plan: Check the section that corresponds to your situation (active staff or retired employee) for coverage details.
  3. University related travel: Refer to emergency travel assistance for active staff for more information. 

(Note: This plan does not include cancellation insurance or coverage for lost baggage.)

Who to call in an emergency

In case of medical emergency, contact Allianz Global Assistance (Manulife's emergency travel assistance provider) as soon as possible

Phone numbers vary depending on your location:

  • Canada/USA: 1-800-265-9977
  • Mexico: 00-1-800-514-3702
  • Dominican Republic: 1-888-751-4403
  • International: Country code + 800-9221-9221
  • All other countries, use operator to call collect Allianz Global Assistance at: 1-519-741-8450

Have your Plan ID number (5320 for active staff/5690 for active staff who are temporary residents/9505 for retired employees) and the Policy Number 85210 ready when you call.

Unstable political and environmental conditions

Unstable political and environmental conditions in some countries may affect availability of emergency medical or assistance services. For more info on travel conditions consult the Government of Canada's Travel website. 

Proof of travel insurance coverage

Certain countries, including some popular travel destinations for Canadians, now require all visitors to prove they have out-of-country travel health insurance when arriving at the country’s borders. Without proof, travelers may be required to purchase insurance for the duration of their stay.