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As a member of the McGill University Supplemental Health Plan, Emergency Travel Assistance provides you and your dependents with emergency coverage when you are travelling outside your province of residence, as long as you are also covered under a provincial health insurance plan.

Insurance provider

Insurance provider: Manulife Financial 

Emergency Travel Assistance Provider: Allianz Global Assistance

Policy Number: 85210  

In an emergency 

Contact Allianz Global Assistance (Manulife's emergency travel assistance provider) as soon as possible.

Canada/USA: 1-800-265-9977

Mexico: 00-1-800-514-3702

Dominican Republic: 1-888-751-4403

International: country code + 800-9221-9221

All other countries: use operator to call collect Allianz Global Assistance at: 1-519-741-8450

When you call, have your Plan ID number (5320 for active staff, 5690 for active staff who are temporary residents) and the Policy Number 85210 ready.

Before you travel

  1. Review the Supplemental Health Plan details in this section.
  2. Review Government of Canada travel advisories
  3. Ensure your RAMQ coverage is in force.
  4. Visit the RAMQ website for coverage details.
  5. Print a Manulife benefit card from Manulife's Plan Member site.

RAMQ restrictions

Temporary residents

You can only be absent from Quebec for trips of 21 consecutive days. If you are absent, or intend to be absent, from Quebec for more than 21 days, you will not be covered for either provincial health care (RAMQ) or for emergency travel under the McGill Supplemental Health Plan for the entire duration of your absence.

For more information, visit the RAMQ website.

Permanent residents

Stays outside Quebec are limited to 183 days. For absences of 183 days or more, you must notify RAMQ before you leave to ensure that your coverage will continue. Under certain exceptions, such as the once-every-7-years rule, RAMQ coverage may be maintained for absences of 183 days or more. For full details, refer the RAMQ website.

Remember that you must be covered by RAMQ in order to be eligible for Supplemental Health Plan coverage.

Emergency medical expenses related to war and terrorism

This benefit is under revision. Updated information will be available shortly.  

In addition to the regular emergency travel assistance benefit, staff members travelling on university business are also covered for emergency medical expenses incurred as a direct result of war, insurrection and terrorism. Please note that this coverage is supplemental to Manulife's regular Emergency Travel Assistance benefit.

Coverage is subject to an Emergency Travel Assistance benefit's lifetime maximum of $1,000,000 per person and for a maximum of 180 days per trip. The lifetime maximum is reduced to $500,000 at age 75. The coverage for this benefit ends at age 85.  

Insurance provider: AIG Canada 

Policy number: SRG 9103135

Customer service inquiries: 1-800-361-7211

AIG requires information pertaining to travel arrangements of each staff member. Before you travel, you must register your travel information using the University Travel Registration Form for Faculty & Staff. (If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to login for access.)

If you require emergency medical services while travelling on business outside your province of residence, contact Allianz Global Assistance (phone numbers above) immediately or as soon as possible following a medical emergency. Allianz Global Assistance is also the first point of contact if emergency medical services are a direct result of war, insurrection and terrorism.




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