Accommodation for employees with disabilities

Guidelines for accommodation in employment

McGill University is committed to address the reasonable accommodation needs in the workplace of the employee with disability and to expand the accessibility of the University as a workplace to persons with disabilities.

The University is committed to address these needs by reasonable means of accommodation which do not impose on the University or other employees undue hardship.


Individualization and Equity

The employment accommodation request is initiated by the individual employee and, as such, is individually designed to meet the specific needs, circumstances, working conditions of the employee.

While it may differ from person to person, the procedure used to address the request must be consistently applied for each employee who requires accommodation.

Collaboration and Consultation

The process for addressing the accommodation request is collaborative between the employee with the disability, the employee’s supervisor and the appropriate staff from Human Resources.

It may also require consultation within and outside the University.  Where consultation is required, the process will be conducted in such a manner as to respect the employee’s privacy.


The employee with a disability shall make a written request for accommodation to his/her supervisor with a copy to the Human Resources Advisor (where appropriate within the structure of their unit).  In the case of academic staff, the request shall be directed to the Departmental Chair.  The Benefits unit of Human Resources shall also be notified.

The employee is required to provide appropriate supporting documentation to assist with the process.

Benefits actively participates in the implementation of the accommodation request by acting as the central administrative unit for employment accommodations at McGill.  Benefits will consult, as required, with individuals within or outside the University or external agencies to obtain information.  The purpose of these consultations is to respond to a reasonable accommodation as quickly as possible.

In ensuring that the appropriate accommodation is implemented, Benefits requires the following information from the employee:

  • Description of the disability (please include appropriate medical information, which may include medical attestation of disability from a qualified health professional, and consultant report in support of the palliative aid or accommodation requested).
  • A summary of the duties of your position (you may include a copy of the position description and indicate which duties are affected by the disability).
  • Description of the effect caused to the performance by the disability.  What needs does the employee face as a result of the disability.
  • Description of the nature of the accommodation requested (for palliative aids or equipment please include complete name).
  • Description of the changes in the work environment which could reasonably accommodate these needs.

Parking and adapted transport services

Parking may be available for staff who require parking for disability related reasons. 

Staff who require assistance moving around the McGill downtown campus, due to a temporary or permanent disability, can register with HR Pensions & Benefits to use McGill’s free adapted transport service. The adapted van will transport staff between any of McGill’s downtown campus buildings, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

To register for these services

  1. Provide supporting medical documentation. Please have your treating physician complete the Physician's Statement (request for reduced parking permit or adapted transport) located on the HR website under Forms.
  2. Submit your request by email to [at] or by fax to Pensions & Benefits at 514 398-6889. 
  3. Confirmation of registration will be sent to the staff member.  

Questions can be direct to [at]