International Students (including U.S.A.)

Immigration document requirements vary depending on your program of studies and the length of time you will be studying at McGill. The effective dates of your immigration documents must cover you from the first day of your first semester at McGill until the last day of your last semester of studies here.

If your immigration documents expire during your studies, you are considered to be in Canada illegally. It is essential that you renew your immigration documents on time. You are responsible for ensuring that your documents are valid throughout your academic studies at McGill.

For information concerning how to apply for or renew your relevant immigration documents, please contact International Student Services (ISS). For advice concerning immigration matters, please contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and/or the ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion du Québec (MIDI).


Studying more than 6 months

You will be studying at McGill for more than six months (i.e. for more than one semester).
Medical and Dental Residents, and Postdoctoral students, please refer to the 3rd tab "Postgraduate & postdoctoral"

Documents required:

Please note that the PDF icon CIC notification letter is not the study permit, it is a notification for your personal records. You usually cannot send us your study permit in advance since it is issued at the port of entry into Canada. Please provide it to us when you have arrived on campus.

Studying less than 6 months (ONLY one term, e.g. on exchange, as visiting, etc)

You will be studying at McGill for less than six months (i.e. for less than one academic semester) as a non-degree student (e.g. exchange, special, visiting)

Documents required:

  • Identification page(s) of your valid passport (photo and signature page)



  • You MAY need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV/Visitor Visa) or eTA issued by Immigration Canada. To determine if you are required to have a visa, please refer to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.
  • Permanent Code (the paper form is only required from Special Students in Continuing Studies or in Summer Studies)
  • Students applying to Summer Studies are required to provide the copy of their valid passport with the registration package.

Postgraduate & postdoctoral

You will be enrolled in McGill University's Postgraduate Medical Program, Postgraduate Dental Program or Postdoctoral Studies program

*International Postgraduate Medicine students: for assistance please contact the Postgraduate Medical Education Office.

Two documents required:


IMPORTANT NOTE CONCERNING DOUBLE PROGRAMS: If you are attending McGill as a clinical fellow, medical resident, etc, and are ALSO registered for courses or a study program (e.g. Master's, Special Student, etc), please forward us the work permit AS WELL AS the study permit and CAQ. For any questions concerning what permits are required, students registered in more than one type of program (work and study) should contact ISS (International Student Services).

Thesis Away

If you are a registered graduate student physically residing outside of Canada (and are not commuting to McGill), immigration permits are not necessary during the time spent continuing your studies abroad.


While your permits on record in Minerva remain valid, there is no further action for you to take. However, if your permits are expiring or have expired while outside Canada, in order to have a note indicating "Thesis Away" added in your Minerva transcript, please complete this WEB FORM.

Important Notes:

1. The International Student Services Office wants you to be aware that Citizenship and Immigration Canada offers a Post Graduation Work Permit Program, allowing work in Canada for up to 3 years.  A valid CAQ and Study Permit as well as a confirmation of graduation from McGill are required to qualify for this program. Unless you return to McGill while you are still registered for your thesis and renew your immigration documents, you will not qualify for the Post Graduation Work permit program.  For more information on immigration regulations, please contact International Students Services (international.students [at]

2. Also, the Student Aid Office wants to inform all students who are recipients of US Direct Loans from the U.S. Department of Education, that students registered at McGill for their thesis/research but who reside in the US during the academic year, no longer qualify for the US loan program.  If you have any inquiries regarding your US loans, please contact the Student Aid Office (us.studentaid [at]