Why we need your documents
What to submit
When to submit
Where and How to submit

Check your legal status in Minerva

Why we need your legal documents

All universities in Quebec must report their students' legal status in Canada to the Quebec Ministry of Education.

  • If you are International, you must have immigration permission to remain in Canada for the length of your registration at McGill, according to the level of your program (e.g. undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, etc).
  • If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, your legal documents will determine your rate of tuition fees at McGill. 
    Fee schedules are listed at Student Accounts.
  • For ALL: legal documents are required for the creation of your Quebec Permanent Code.

What to submit

To determine which legal documents we will require, select the item corresponding to whether you are a:

When to submit

Send in all your documents after you have accepted the offer of admission to McGill and before you arrive on campus. This will ensure that your student legal and tuition fee status are up-to-date.

*Note for international students: you usually cannot send your Study Permit in advance since it is issued at the port of entry into Canada; please provide a PDF copy to Service Point once you arrive in Canada.

If you are requesting a change to your legal status, for example if you are a student with Canadian status claiming Quebec residency, or if you are an international student claiming an international fee exemption, please submit your legal documents as soon as possible. We cannot accept changes to your legal status after the last day of classes at the end of term, as the Quebec Government does not allow universities to update student records retroactively. Claims submitted after that date will only serve to update your status for the following term. The semester deadlines for completing document requirements are:

  • Fall Session: December 01
  • Winter Session: April 01
  • Summer Session: August 01


IMPORTANT: The Student Accounts Office wants you to be aware that if your submission to update your legal and tuition fee status will not be completed before their fee payment deadline, you should student.accounts [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Request%20for%20fee%20deferral%20pending%20change%20of%20legal%20status) (request a fee deferral) stating this reason in order to avoid any interest or late payment charges.


Where and How to submit

It is important that you submit your documents as soon as possible. For submission instructions, refer to the How/Where tab.
Do not send us originals.

Once your documents are submitted, it normally takes us 5 to 15 working days to update your record. You can check your status in Minerva under: Student Menu>>Student Accounts Menu>>View Tuition and Legal Status


Check your Minerva status

Note that your status can only be updated once proof is received. See the sections above for instructions on what, when, and how to submit your documents.

You can review your legal status information at all times in Minerva under Student Menu>>Student Accounts Menu>>View Tuition and Legal Status. Note that this screen defaults to the current term. Ensure that you select the correct term when viewing your status. For example, if you have accepted an offer of admission and will begin studies in a future term, you must navigate to this future term to view your information.

IMPORTANT note for students returning after an absence: unless you are in continuity of studies*, although your past status may still appear in Minerva, it may no longer be valid. Verification for continuity of studies is normally performed in the month leading up to the first ebill. We recommend waiting to review your status at that time.

*Continuity for legal status is returning after not more than two terms not including Summer. Continuity for tuition status is returning after not more than one term not including Summer.

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