Situation 6

Situation 6. You resided in Quebec for one year and did not study full-time at a Quebec educational institution

*This is a temporary status; a break in enrolment may impact this status.

Premise: You resided in Quebec for 12 consecutive months of the 18 months preceding the start of the academic session for which you are applying for Quebec resident tuition rates. You did not pursue full-time studies at any Quebec CEGEP or university (or combination of institutions) for the above reference period (grades of W count) during the above 12 month reference period.

Documents Required:

  1. Proof of Canadian legal status
  2. A sworn statement, wherein you attest that you were not a full-time student in the province of Quebec during the relevant reference period. Full-time study is defined as being registered for 12 or more credits in one semester, OR for an activity which is considered equivalent to full-time status (e.g. thesis full-time, thesis additional session, thesis evaluation, or non-thesis extension). Note that grades of W count towards your status as full-time.
  3. Proof of your Quebec residency for the 12 reference months used on the sworn statement: either a copy of your validated* RAMQ-issued Quebec Medicare card or proof that your main domicile is in Quebec (PDF icon proof of domicile).

* We will validate your Medicare card to establish proof of residency for the 12 reference months. If your card does not validate, you will be required to submit proof of domicile. In general, cards with a sequence number of 01 and 02 (on the card between your name and date of birth) will likely not fulfill the residency requirement. Expired RAMQ cards are not acceptable.


IMPORTANT NOTES regarding submission deadlines


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