McGill Desautels supports Quebec residents through an MBA tuition waiver

The Quebec Resident Waiver covers up to 75% of tuition costs, this initiative aims to strengthen ties with the local business community.

The pursuit of a McGill Desautels MBA has always been synonymous with excellence, and in 2022, the University took a significant step to make its renowned program more accessible to Quebec residents. The Quebec Resident Waiver program for McGill Full-Time MBA students makes the full-time MBA program more attainable to prospective Quebec students by covering up to 75% of tuition costs for those meeting Quebec residency requirements. This initiative aligns with McGill Desautels' commitment to strengthening its ties with the province and its business community, all while fostering inclusivity.

McGill Desautels has consistently ranked among the top business schools in the world, with its full-time MBA program earning the coveted title of the best in the country for international mobility, according to the Financial Times Global MBA rankings. With the waiver program in place, there is now a unique opportunity for Quebec residents to gain a world-class business education.

“At McGill Desautels, we recognize the importance of empowering the local community,” says Geneviève Bassellier, Vice-Dean of programs. “By making graduate business education more affordable and accessible to Quebec residents, we are helping create the leaders of tomorrow, today.”

John Paul Ferguson, Academic Director of the McGill MBA program and Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour, emphasizes the program's success in attracting more applicants from Quebec. He notes, "This year, nearly half of the MBA class are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, versus about a quarter in the previous few years. Most of that difference comes from applicants from here in Quebec."

Applicants are automatically considered for the waiver during the admission process, with merit-based assessments in areas such as academic records, standardized test scores, work experience, and leadership roles held. The final waiver percentage granted depends on the overall strength of the student's application.

Philip Chau (MBA'25), a recipient of the tuition waiver, highlights its pivotal role in his decision to pursue a McGill MBA. With a background in mechanical engineering from Queen’s University, he now works with Canadian hockey equipment manufacturer Bauer. He notes, "A McGill MBA was the most enticing degree in Quebec because it is such a highly-ranked school. With the Quebec Resident Waiver, it becomes significantly more reachable compared to other globally ranked institutions."

Philip Chau MBA

Chau's story exemplifies the tangible impact of the waiver: not only does it open more doors to Quebec students, it also facilitates career transitions. He aspires to leverage his McGill Desautels MBA to shift from a technically-focused role to a more strategic one in the sporting goods sector. Chau emphasizes the importance of understanding the business side, stating, "It is very common for engineers to pivot into an MBA to learn the business acumen you don't always get when you are very immersed in the technical side." 

By supporting aspiring graduates in realizing their professional goals, the McGill MBA contributes to the development of a diverse and dynamic business landscape, all while immersing students in the rich cultural tapestry of Quebec and expanding the province’s economic influence on the international stage.

Writer Ty Burke has contributed to this article.

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