McGill MBA Full-Time tuition and financial aid

Please note that the MBA, MMA, MMF and MMR programs are not affected by the recent announcements from the Quebec government regarding tuition increases.

Financial aid is made available through a large number of substantial MBA-specific scholarships and awards. In addition, the Faculty’s exclusive partnership with Desjardins Financial Group allows future students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents access to a line of credit up to $90,000 at the lowest financing rate in the country (prime).

Tuition (CAD): Fall 2024 entering class



Tuition waiver for Canadians and Permanent Residents**


Net tuition for Canadians and Permanent Residents


MBA International Study Trip $3,000

Quebec Resident Waiver is available which covers up to 75% of current full tuition***


* Expected Tuition for Fall 2024
** Students who can prove that they qualify for Canadian or Permanent residency are given a fee waiver at the time of registration.
*** To be considered a Quebec resident, students must meet all the criteria of one of the 14 situations outlined by the Quebec Government. Additional criteria may apply.

Fees are subject to change each year. For tuition and fees tables, and for most up-to-date information, please refer to the Graduate Tuition and Fees calculator on the Student Accounts page.

Expenses vary greatly with personal requirements and should be calculated on an individual basis. Students may use the Frugal Scholar Toolkit to calculate the cost of tuition, fees and living expenses for their time at McGill. For more information regarding educational expenses please visit the McGill Student Aid, finances and costs page.


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