A cheerful group of McCall Macbain scholars stands socially-distanced in front of McGill's Roddick Gates.

McCall MacBain Scholarship

McCall Macbain Scholars logoA flagship graduate scholarship at McGill

The McCall MacBain Scholarship is a full scholarship for your master’s or professional studies. Applications open June 1, 2022. Students and graduates of Canadian and U.S. universities, as well as Canadians abroad, must apply by September 21. All other applicants must apply by August 25.

A group of scholars sits on campus chatting with a mentor

Mentorship, interdisciplinary learning and global community

As a McCall MacBain Scholar, you will be an active member of a diverse group of peers, mentors, and advisors who value working with others to address complex challenges facing communities large and small.

A diverse group of scholars smile while chatting with one another.

Meet the newest cohort of McCall MacBain Scholars

Twenty innovators, community-builders and leaders are joining the second class of McCall MacBain Scholars at McGill. Each scholar was chosen for their exceptional character, community engagement, leadership potential, entrepreneurial spirit, academic strength, and intellectual curiosity.

Portrait of Sinan Abi Farraj

Sinan Abi Farraj

MSc Materials Engineering ‘23

In my graduate studies at McGill, I will not only be on the frontiers of exceptional research, but I will also have the institutional support needed to enact change in my community.

Portrait of Larissa Chiu

Larissa Chiu

MSc Neuroscience ‘23

As a scholar, I am definitely most eager about being able to take this platform to integrate mentorship opportunities, especially in underprivileged communities.

portrait of Josh Swain

Josh Swain

MSc Public Health ‘23

The McCall MacBain Scholarship really excites me – having a fully funded graduate program with mentorship and leadership training is incredible.

Portrait of Grace Ma

Grace Ma

BCL/JD, Law ‘24

I would genuinely encourage all students who are involved in campus and off-campus communities, and who feel drawn to the ethos of the scholarship, to apply!

Portrait of Nathan Duarte

Nathan Duarte

MSc Electrical Engineering ‘23

I’m excited to explore how I can continue giving back at McGill, through existing or yet-to-be created opportunities and inspire others to do the same.

Portrait of  Amanda Sears

Amanda Sears

MA Philosophy — Bioethics ‘23

Being a part of this scholarship and its mission is so humbling – and so exciting. What the scholarship offers students is a sort of freedom – the freedom to be intellectually curious and adventurous.

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