A cheerful group of McCall Macbain scholars standing in front of the McCall Macbain Arts Building

McCall Macbain Scholars logoA flagship graduate scholarship at McGill

The McCall MacBain Scholarship is a full scholarship for your master’s or professional studies. Applications open June 1, 2024 for the 2025 cohort. Students and graduates of Canadian and U.S. universities, as well as Canadians abroad, must apply by September 25. All other applicants must apply by August 21.

Group of McCall MacBain Scolars sitting in a group

Mentorship, interdisciplinary learning and global community

As a McCall MacBain Scholar, you will be an active member of a diverse group of peers, mentors, and advisors who value working with others to address complex challenges facing communities large and small.

A diverse group of McCall MacBain Scholars

Meet the newest cohort of McCall MacBain Scholars

Twenty innovators, community-builders and leaders are joining the second class of McCall MacBain Scholars at McGill. Each scholar was chosen for their exceptional character, community engagement, leadership potential, entrepreneurial spirit, academic strength, and intellectual curiosity.

Picture of Emilee Bews

Emilee Bews

MA Education & Society ‘24

This scholarship opens so many doors, allowing me to further my studies and work towards creating meaningful change with Indigenous education. I’m thrilled to be a part of a cohort that allows me to learn with and from the other scholars while having the opportunity to develop and share my passion.

Portrait of Larissa Chiu

Larissa Chiu

MSc Neuroscience ‘23

As a scholar, I am definitely most eager about being able to take this platform to integrate mentorship opportunities, especially in underprivileged communities.

Photo of Sidnee Leggett

Sidney Leggett

MSc Epidemiology and Biostatistics ‘24

This scholarship means I am supported and a part of a community that will help me gain so many skills and the ability to connect with mentors that will really help me learn the tools I need to progress and work with my community on how to be the best leader and community member I can.

Picture of Sandrine Desforges

Sandrine Desforges

Public Policy (MPP) ‘24

I've been interested in undertaking the MPP at Max Bell since the first year of existence of the program, but always doubted I would have the financial ability to do so. A McCall MacBain Scholarship represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study the master I've had my eyes on all this time.

Picture of Sage Duquette

Sage Duquette

BCL/JD Law ‘27

I am intensely interested in exploring Indigenous law and constitutional orders and am confident I’ll discover new activities beyond the classroom to get to know the McGill community. I think probably ninety percent of eligible candidates probably don't apply to scholarships like McCall MacBain because of imposter syndrome, or the intimidation factor I would encourage everyone to apply in case they underestimate themselves.

Portrait of  Amanda Sears

Amanda Sears

MA Philosophy — Bioethics ‘23

Being a part of this scholarship and its mission is so humbling – and so exciting. What the scholarship offers students is a sort of freedom – the freedom to be intellectually curious and adventurous.

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