Fund your studies

McGill University is committed to providing financial support for graduate education. Through Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) and other academic units, McGill is working to increase the number of student fellowships and scholarships, exploring new avenues for student support, and making it easier to disburse existing funds. Our competitive funding support, coupled with Montreal’s low cost of living, makes graduate studies at McGill a wise educational investment.

How are graduate students funded?

There are many sources of funding for graduate education but overall amounts vary between areas of study, programs and applicants’ circumstances. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to investigate the funding sources outlined here and to contact the academic unit to which they are applying to see if additional sources can be identified. Please reference this list of questions to ask your unit (note: questions may not be applicable to some programs).

There are two main types of funding available to you:

  • McGill internal funding (financial support distributed by the university) Internal funding is usually obtained at the time of application to the university. The academic unit considers all students for funding and that funding is awarded competitively, in the form of a funding package which often includes graduate assistantships.
  • External funding (grants and fellowships administered by provincial and federal governments or other agencies or foundations). External funding is obtained by the student, by application to an external agency. This application may occur before or after the student starts his studies, and, in some cases, must be routed through the university.

For more information, visit the GPS Funding website.

Cost of attendance 

McGill’s affordable tuition coupled with Montreal’s low cost of living ensures that attending graduate school at McGill is a sound investment in your future. To help you assess your financial resources, visit the cost of attendance section.

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