The majority of graduate programs are NOT impacted by recent government announcements about tuition increases.

PhD students from the rest of Canada will continue to pay Quebec fees.
International PhD fees will see the same 3% increase as Quebec fees.

How Graduate Funding Works

McGill recognizes that its continuing success in attracting top students rests on its ability to provide competitive graduate student financial support. Adequate funding allows our students to focus on their studies and research and thrive during their time at McGill. McGill graduate students received more than $184M in funding in 2022/2023, an amount that is expected to increase yearly.

Funding Packages

Students accepted to our thesis-based graduate degree programs receive a funding letter with their offer of admission. Funding levels vary by Faculty and program. Funding packages are offered to all PhDs, and 95% of PhD students have their full tuition costs covered*. ALL international PhD students receive funding to cover the difference between Quebec resident and International tuition*. Most PhDs will also receive funding to offset other university fees, health insurance and living costs. You can find more about average PhD funding levels by Faculty on our website. 

Find more information about funding expectations by degree level

Sources of Funding

Funding packages mostly consist of awards for progress towards your degree. These awards come from central funds, donations and endowments or research grants from our professors. If there is an expectation that you supplement your funding with a salary for employment (e.g. Teaching or Research Assistantships), it will be clearly stated in your funding letter. 

Top Students and External Awards 

McGill prides itself on recruiting top-students. We are very proud that our students are recipients of prestigious external awards such as the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships and the scholarships from the Fonds de Recherche du Québec. We provide continuous support for our students when applying to funding opportunities. We also provide ample opportunities for complementary funding, such as the Graduate Mobility Award for travel outside of the province of Quebec, and funding for graduate internships.
* based on 2021/22 data

Funding Expectations

Understanding my funding letter

Average PhD Financial support

Funding Opportunities

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