Faculty & Staff

Securing external funds is a collaborative effort, and faculty and staff play an integral role in the process. In this section, you'll find everything you need to help McGill's best and brightest get funded, including a comprehensive list of external opportunities, a guideline for running effective competitions (updated version coming soon), and instructions on how to evaluate and rank candidates. For information on how to calculate GPA for fellowships competitions, please see the GPA & Foreign Conversion section.

Graduate Fellowships and Awards Online Calendar

Graduate Fellowships and Awards Online Calendar is a comprehensive listing of McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowships and Awards. This online calendar is updated regularly as term changes are approved by the Committee on Enrolment and Student Affairs (CESA).

Writing reference letters

Professors are often asked by students to write reference letters for funding opportunities. Reference letters are critical to a fellowship or scholarship application, helping to distinguish an individual from a pack of outstanding applicants by highlighting unique strengths. Please visit Writing effective reference letters for tips on how to set your student apart.

Writing research proposals

The Faculty and Staff section contains best practices on supervising student writing and helping students edit. In addition, fellowships applicants should be pointed towards the Tips for writing a great research proposal to help ensure their success. 

Student Workshops

To help students better their chances of securing external funds, and improve the quality of their research proposals, GPS holds a number of workshops at the beginning of each school year for both current graduate students and future graduate students. Please encourage your students to attend.