GPS signs agreements with foreign agencies to co-sponsor their best students to come study at McGill University as an effort to provide additional resources to fund international students. Applications to these sponsorships are different depending the agency, and have different requirements. The pages below will help you navigate your role as GPC/GPD/Supervisor to help your students apply for these opportunities. You will find instructions, templates, and documents that your students will need for their applications, as well as the terms of the agreements, including financial contributions.


Sponsorship Citizenship(s) elibigle degree levels
CONACyT Mexico Masters (Thesis), PhD
China Scholarship Council China PhD
JuventudEsGto (formerly Educafin) Mexico (State of Guanajuato) Masters (Thesis), PhD
Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Ghana Masters (thesis), PhD
Islamic Development Bank Several (Middle East, Africa) PhD
Egypt BCAC Egypt PhD


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