Entrepreneurship & Innovation Initiative

We believe in the innovative potential of everyone.

Democratizing Entrepreneurship

We believe in the innovative potential of everyone.

It is impossible to predict where great ideas will come from, who will produce them, or what combination of talents will bring them to life. Game changing ideas will come from all walks of life and the mash up of diverse teams of people. For this reason, we believe that we need to instill an innovative mindset broadly and take efforts to connect diverse individuals. We need to democratize entrepreneurship and innovation.

We believe that entrepreneurship and innovation is a mindset. It is a way of seeing the world – of looking for opportunity and believing that you can help to make change a reality.

We do not believe that there is one model for entrepreneurship and innovation. E&I action may take the form of venture backed startups, but this is not the only way. Silicon Valley’s inprint on the E&I model has also been constraining.

E&I action can take many forms: creating a side hustle, rejuvenating an existing business, commercializing a hobby, developing impact initiatives based on research, catalyzing transformation within large organizations, spawning social movements, and leading political change. This list is far from comprehensive.

We believe that entrepreneurship and innovation has a method. It is both art and science - while there is not one form or formula for E&I there are concepts, skills, and practices that can be taught to increase action and the odds of success. Learning by doing is key.

McGill University is a context full of entrepreneurial potential.

We have brilliant students, world-class researchers, and a powerful community.

Our aim is to provide a connective tissue to E&I pursuits within Desautels and across the University. We embrace the the plurality of entrepreneurship, and aim to inspire action to make innovation that has lasting and positive impact on society.


Catalyzing Entrepreneurship & Innovation, in all its forms, as a force for good.

In order to bring our Vision and Mission to life, we have identified three strategic action areas which form the structure of this plan.

  1. Teaching and Curriculum
  2. Research and Knowledge Mobilization
  3. Training and Outreach


To equip the Desautels and McGill community with the mindset and methods to innovate better through action-oriented learning and research.

We will do this by fostering community, inspiring action, and creating practices to unleash the innovative potential of all members and stakeholders

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