Strategic Priority #1

Teaching & Curriculum

We aspire to develop leading edge innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum that is inspirational and inclusive.

We will do this by incorporating real-world experiences and action-oriented instructional methods. We believe that entrepreneurship and innovation needs to leverage the diversity of demographics and disciplines. Below are initiatives that are meant to help us achieve this.

Short-term initiatives by Fall 2023

Initiative Action Steps Partners Status
Document and catalog E&I courses Review all Desautels syllabi, categorize by E&I relevance, highlight most pertinent courses Area coordinators Complete
Benchmark innovative E&I teaching at other institutions Review syllabi and program information from other universities and organizations; Discuss with faculty External Entrepreneurship Faculty Complete
Understand the McGill E&I ecosystem Stakeholder Meetings Dobson, Faculty of Medicine, McGill Innovation Fund, Engine, Faculty of Arts A constant activity
Review Entrepreneurship Concentration and Minor Conduct interviews with students, faculty, and professors McGill Students and Faculty Complete
Short-term improvements to required eship courses: INTG 201/202, MGPO 362/364 Desautels Faculty In progress, for Fall 2023
Pilot Revised INTG 201 Desautels Faculty In progress, for Fall 2023
Case Series Recruit Case Writers, English Organizations, Develop Case Writing Cohort Bensadoun, Quebec SMEs, TT & CAS faculty 6 in process, due early 2024
Integrate Live Cases into Course Projects Source Projects, Integrating into INTG 201 & MGPO 362 MIF, Dobson, ENGINE, B21, Neurosphere To begin Fall 2023
E&I Teaching Award Create new E&I teaching award TLS To be awarded 2023-2024

Medium-Term Initiatives by 2025

Initiative Action Steps Partners Status
Program revision of concentration Add and Remove complementary course list Desautels Faculty Goal: approve '23 implement '24/5
Entrepreneurship Essentials for Non-Mgmt Students Course Develop Syllabus and put through for approval Desautels Faculty Ongoing. Goal 2023 approval
Revision of Entrepreneurship Courses Review and Revise Core Courses (INTG 201, 362 and 364 especially) Desautels Faculty Ongoing. Implementing Fall 2023
Program revision of minors Stakeholder Meetings, Discuss, align on revised structure All Minor Faculties Goal approve 2023/4; implement 2024/5
Governance of Entrepreneurship minors Create Inter-Faculty Entrepreneurship Committee McGill Faculties Begun Summer 2023, First Committee meeting Fall 2024
Curate a roster of guest speakers and industry mentors Contact industry mentors to support students Faculty, Advancement Goal for 2023/2024

Long-Term Initiatives beyond 2025

Initiative Action Steps Partners Status
Experiential extra-curricular Explore creating a 1-day bootcamp with activities to introduce to Entrepreneurship Faculty of Arts, perhaps extend to other faculties Brainstorming
Create Signature Entrepreneurship classes Design courses, Develop proposal for funding. 1 finance and 1 strategy course Funding Partner Brainstorming
Develop E&I competencies within the faculty Brown bag on design thinking complete, create additional opportunities. TLS Ongoing

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