Strategic Priority #3

Training & Outreach

We aim to develop and execute accessible entrepreneurship training for the University and beyond.

Many current programs outsource entrepreneurship and innovation training. There is an opportunity to develop standard and customizable education solutions to serve our own University ecosystem and lead to growth in new markets beyond the University. This will not only generate self-sustaining revenue for the E&I initiative, but also build stronger collaboration and cohesion across the McGill entrepreneurship ecosystem and Montreal business community.

Short-term initiatives by Fall 2023

Initiative Action Steps Partners Status
Advisory role to support other faculties developing E&I offerings Stakeholder Meetings, Participate in Events MIF, Neuroscience, Public Health Ongoing
SGI Grand Challenge Develop Design Thinking Competition SGI Roll out Fall 2023
Fundraising Approach Donors to invest in E&I Initiative Advancement Begin Fall 2023

Medium-Term Initiatives by 2025

Initiative Action Steps Partners Status
Entrepreneurship Workshop Create a 1-day standard training package in Entrepreneurship Executive Education Brainstorming
Open-enrollment entrepreneurship classes for people out of school Create an online entrepreneurship class University Partners Brainstorming
Tailored workshops according to the needs of diverse disciplines Create specialized workshops University Partners Brainstorming

Long-Term Initiatives beyond 2025

Initiative Action Steps Partners Status
Collaborative Masters in E&I with different faculties -- Desautels & other Faculty Brainstorming
Develop a suite of workshops on innovation and entrepreneurship in different contexts -- Desautels & other Faculty Brainstorming
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