Montreal ranked best student city in the Americas and 10th in the world

Celebrated for its cultural diversity, high quality of life, vibrant arts scene, excellent public transport, diverse career opportunities, and renowned institutions like McGill University and McGill Desautels Faculty of Management.

Montreal is the best student city in the Americas and 10th globally in the 2025 QS Best Student Cities ranking, owing to its rich cultural diversity and high quality of life. It excels across key areas including student view, desirability, employer activity, and affordability. The city is celebrated for its vibrant arts scene, welcoming atmosphere, and multicultural population, providing students with a dynamic lifestyle enriched by cultural festivals and a wide array of culinary experiences ranging from local Quebecois specialties to international flavours.

In terms of affordability, Montreal stands out compared to major global cities like London or New York. It offers reasonable living expenses with affordable housing options, lower tuition fees, and various student discounts, making it an appealing choice for those seeking to manage their finances without compromising on their educational and living standards.

Montreal's appeal is further enhanced by its safe and accessible environment, supported by excellent public transportation including buses, metros, and the BIXI bike-sharing system. Each neighbourhood, from the historic charm of Old Montreal to the Plateau Mont-Royal, offers its own unique attractions and cultural experiences, contributing to the city's high desirability among students.

Economically, Montreal presents abundant career opportunities across technology, finance, and commerce sectors. A growing number of startups and established companies, with major financial institutions and a burgeoning tech industry, provide diverse prospects for graduates looking to launch their careers in a thriving urban setting.

At the heart of Montreal's appeal lies McGill University, a prestigious institution ranked among the top 30 universities globally. Known for its research excellence, comprehensive academic programs, and vibrant campus life, McGill attracts students from around the world seeking a high-quality education. The university's Desautels Faculty of Management further enhances Montréal's academic prowess, consistently ranked among the world's top business schools, offering innovative programs that prepare students for leadership roles in global industries.

Montreal stands as a top-tier destination for students, offering a blend of academic excellence, cultural richness, career opportunities, and affordability in a welcoming urban environment. Whether pursuing academic achievements, cultural exploration, or career advancement, Montreal provides a dynamic and fulfilling experience for students from diverse backgrounds.

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