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Amongst the top MMAs in Canada is now available in both ONLINE and IN-PERSON deliveries.
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Industry Partnership Breakfast highlights benefits of working with McGill Desautels MMA students

4 Jul 2023

Last month, the McGill Desautels Master of Management in Analytics (MMA) program held an Industry Partnership Breakfast that welcomed prominent local businesses. The event showcased the program's...

MMA Gives: Leveraging data analytics to scale training, guidance and funding to African international students

21 Feb 2022

McGill Desautels annual MMA Gives campaign gives non-profits, SMEs and NGOs the opportunity to take advantage of data expertise from our Master of Management in Analytics (MMA) students, to help...

Prof. Maxime Cohen Launches New Guide to Demand Prediction in Retail

4 Jan 2022

In collaboration with Dr. Renyu Zhang, Professor of Operations Management at NYU Shanghai, and Arthur Pentecoste and Paul-Emile Gras, two graduates of the McGill Desautels Master of Management in...

Building AI Leadership in Canada

22 Dec 2021

Artificial intelligence has taken over the world, and Canada is quickly emerging as the leader of the pack. With the announcement of the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy in 2017,...

From Academics to Analytics: How the McGill Desautels MMA Collaborates with Hiring Managers at Major Industry Players

18 Nov 2021

Landing a career in a competitive field like data analytics may seem like a daunting task, but with the right connections and the right skills it can be easier than you think. The McGill Desautels...

Industry insight on MMA experiential learning

26 Oct 2021

One of the things we pride ourselves on at the McGill Desautels Faculty of Management is offering a well-rounded learning experience, emphasizing not only what is taught in the classroom but also...

Why McGill Desautels for your graduate business degree?

28 Sep 2021

Whether you are looking to begin an MBA or delve deeper into the world of finance, retail or analytics, when considering a graduate degree there are four main things to look at: what you learn, who...



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