Industry Partnership Breakfast highlights benefits of working with McGill Desautels MMA students

Last month, the McGill Desautels Master of Management in Analytics (MMA) program held an Industry Partnership Breakfast that welcomed prominent local businesses. The event showcased the program's strengths, talented student profiles, and variety of opportunities for industry engagement, emphasizing how the program and its students, at no cost, collaborate and foster partnerships that help businesses address analytical concerns.

MMA Director Shoeb Hosain opened the event with an overview of the program, highlighting its market relevance through its focus on data-driven decisions and technical automation. He stressed the importance of addressing real-world challenges through data analytics and highlighted how the MMA accomplishes this by combining theoretical knowledge with practical application. The program ensures students are equipped to provide valuable insights and solutions to industry partners. Professor Hosain proudly stated, "You are working with the best students," emphasizing the calibre of talent within the program.

To showcase students’ impact, guest speaker John Nikolopoulos of KPI Digital shared his experience collaborating with MMA students on the capstone project. He commended students for their exceptional quality of work and emphasized the relevance of the results delivered. He went on to praise their professionalism, agility, and commitment to excellence and advised that insider leverage, a clear business problem statement and deliverables, agile project management and effective coaching were key to obtaining optimal shared value for the students and KPI Digital. The collaboration created tremendous opportunities for innovation acceleration and fostered reciprocal positivity.

The event concluded with an interactive Q&A session, allowing prospective partners to address any lingering questions they had about the process.

The Industry Partnership Breakfast demonstrated the benefits of industry collaboration with the MMA program, showcasing how it leads cutting-edge solutions and fostering continuous learning. By engaging with students, industry partners gain access to talent and expertise, driving their organizations forward and tapping into new opportunities. The event served as a significant milestone, promising an exciting future of partnerships to come.

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