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Frequently asked questions

Are the courses recognized as continuing medical education?

Each course is a recognized professional development activity and, as such, is eligible for up to 25, Section 2 credits in MAINPORT (Royal College of Canada) or 25 CMQ (Collège des Medecins du Québec) hours. We are also exploring the possibility of making the Certificate eligible for Section 3 credits (Royal College and CMQ). Renowned McGill University professors will teach a curriculum that addresses the key competencies of the Leader Role in the CANMEDS educational framework of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Why should you consider an educational program in management and leadership?

Because management is a difficult and challenging activity, that requires thoughtful reflection. This is not easy to do while on the job. Short courses can help, but an integrated program with experienced instructors and colleagues can make a profound difference. Management is a practice; managers learn in communities of practice.

Do you have to leave your job to do the GCHM?

No! Leaving your job would deny you the greatest opportunity of such an education: to go back and forth between the learning in the classroom and the practice on the job. Your workplace experience can be brought into the classroom for deeper reflection, and the impact of that learning can be pursued on the job for better practice. The GCHM meets four 6-day modules over 8-months, all fully online and “live". Other activities in the program blend into the work context.

Why do this at McGill University?

The GCHM program was developed jointly by the Faculties of Medicine and Management at McGill. The two faculties have joined together to create management programs for people in the health sector. At McGill University, we have one of the most respected medical schools in the world, and a management school that is a world leader in innovative education and development.

Do I need work experience?

For the greatest learning outcome, experience in the health sector is required.

If I am currently registered at McGill, do I need to submit an application for the GCHM program?

Yes, you are required to apply to the GCHM program and, once admitted, you can be registered in both programs.

What are the first steps in the admission process?

Please send us your CV through the Personal Information Form and wait for our confirmation.

I have started my application, but I can’t upload my documents.

Once you pay the application fee, you will be able to upload your documents through the Applicant Portal.

Do you require GMAT or GRE scores?

No, these tests are not an admission requirement of the GCHM.   

Is the TOEFL or IELTS required?

No, these tests are not an admission requirement of the GCHM. We will contact you if necessary.

Will an interview be part of the application process?

Our office will contact you for an admission interview, only if we feel it is necessary.

When is a student notified of the admission decision?

Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis and you should expect to be notified within a few days after completion of the application.

If I receive a notice of acceptance, what are the next steps?

Confirm your attendance in Slate and pay a non-refundable deposit, towards your tuition, of $2,000 CDN in order to reserve a place in the program.  Accepted applicants will also be contacted through email with further details.

What is the program start date?

The program starts once a year, in January.

What is the length of the GCHM?

The GCHM is a part time, 8-month graduate program.

Is there a graduation ceremony?

After completion of the GCHM, in the Fall, you will be invited to attend the McGill Convocation ceremony where you will walk across the stage with other McGill graduates and receive your official McGill Certificate.

Do you wish to pursue a master's degree?

Upon successful completion of the GCHM program, the 15 graduate credits can be brought forward for advanced standing in the International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL) program at McGill University.

Do you have any additional questions?

Do you have more questions and have attended a GCHM Information Session, feel free to book call us at 514-398-7949 or book a virtual meeting with maureen.cox [at] (subject: GCHM%20Information%20Session) (Maureen Cox), the GCHM Program Manager.

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