Philanthropy enhances Research & Teaching

The Desautels Faculty of Management benefits from donor-supported Faculty awards, chairs, research centres and institutes as well as PhD fellowships.

Faculty Scholar Awards for tenured or tenure-track professors

Awarded through application process
  • Peter Brojde Faculty Scholar Award in Entrepreneurship (1)
    Annual award available for two-year cycle and renewable once
  • Cleghorn Faculty Scholars (1)
    Annual award available for three-year cycle
  • Desautels Faculty Fellows (3-5)
    Annual awards are available for two-year cycles
  • Desautels Faculty Scholars (3)
    Annual awards are available for three-year cycles
  • Desautels Visiting Scholar
    Available with consultation of the Vice Dean, Research and Faculty
  • Desmarais Faculty Scholars (3)
    Annual awards available for three-year cycle.

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Faculty Chairs

  • BMO Chair in Finance
  • S. Bronfman Chair in Management
  • Cleghorn Chair in Management Studies
  • Desautels Business Leadership Chair
  • Desautels Chair in Integrated Management

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Centres and Institutes

Graduate Student Fellowships

  • K.F. Byrd / Tabac Fellowship in Accounting
  • Hian Siang Chan Fellowship in Management
  • Marcel Desautels Doctoral Fellowships
  • National Bank Financial Group PhD Fellowships
  • Rathlyn Foundation Fellowships in Management
  • Rio Tinto – Richard Evans Graduate Fellowships
  • Walter John Stenason Fellowships
  • Edith and Norman Strauss Doctoral Fellowship in Professional Ethics in Business
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