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Focus on: Health Care Management

McGill University is renowned as a world-wide leader in health care research and teaching, and the Desautels Faculty of Management recognizes the need for better health care management and supports several major global research and teaching initiatives in health.

The MDIIM Health Initiative
Our International Masters for Health Leadership Program (IMHL) provides graduates with a degree in Master of Management. The IMHL is a learning opportunity for managers from around the world who wish to enhance their leadership and managerial skills while creating positive change in their organizations and health care systems. Participants work in all manners of health care organizations, including hospitals, community care, public health, government ministries, international agencies, and foundations.

Our McGill Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management, a joint initiative between the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Desautels Faculty of Management, is an 8-month, 15-credit graduate certificate program which takes place entirely online. This certificate provides the formal managerial training of healthcare professionals assuming leadership positions.

The McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics is a world leader in promoting the development of a novel, integrative approach to the study of, and solutions to, nutrition-related global health challenges.

The NSERC CREATE Program on Healthcare Operations and Information Management aims at tangibly improving the healthcare system across Canada via the contributions of its doctoral and post-doctoral trainees who research potential health care system efficiencies in information systems, communication technologies and operations management.


Health Care Management Members

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